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 anda Made Joey Sad!!!
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Awww... Joey looks so.. so... SO ADORABLE!!!
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Kowalski had just made it to Coney Island. He was now standing right outside Blowhole and Doris's stage. He couldn't help but think:

Should I really be doing this? What if it doesn't work? What if she chooses Blowhole? What if I'm making the biggest mistake of my life?......

What he heard selanjutnya made his mind up for him. They were laughing and splashing around. Kowalski hopped up onto the dinding surrounding the stage and Doris and Blowhole looked up at him. Doris sighed. "What are anda doing here Kowalski?" Blowhole had a look on his face...a look of recognition... "Don't I know you?" Kowalski didn't...
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After losing his crown, Julien screams as a Billy Joel song plays. I actually sang along with it the first time I watched it. This is NOT a video I created; I merely found it on YouTube and placed it in this section.
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