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 Skipper and Sandra oleh api
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This penguin of madagascar fan art might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

Skipper felt a pounding in his head, he felt the heat attracting every bit of moisture he still had. He opened his eyes, the daylight stung, he was to sore to bother to keep them open. He felt a jerk, he realised, as he slowly opened one eye, that Starlite was carrying him on her back, she had a scarf around her beak and he had a hat on (his cowboy one). She was dusty, her feathers were messed and she was full of bumps, bruises and scratches, her eyes were red. There were traces that she had been crying. But she kept looking forward, as if she had her eyes fixed on a diamond. Skipper moved...
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When the penguins reached the H.Q. no one could sleep atau even have conversation. Something changed the youngest pinguin, penguin that night. Like a flame of fury and rage burning in his heart. Private yourned for one thing almost lebih than anything else. Revenge. Like in the story.
P: "Kowalski, I'm going to get revenge on that wolf!"
R: "Yeah!"
K: "No, revenge won't bring Skipper back! It's just lebih violence."
Their words cut through the silent air like a blunt blade.

The selanjutnya hari passed with their last real discussion the one the evening before about gettin revenge. It was midnight when Rico, the last...
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Ok i know this is my detik one for the day, but its valentines day! i think this is just a one-shot.

"UP and adam MEN!" Skipper yelled at the puncak, atas of his lungs. "Ahhh!!!" Private and Starlite screamed, he fell out of his bunk. And Starlite fell out of her hammock, as she rose, she pulled out a bow and panah and pointed it to Skipper, they all froze. "Morning guys! Ha-" Marlene was cut off at the shock of seeing Starlite pointing an panah at her. One at her, one at Skipper. "i knew anda were out to get me." Skipper berkata putting his flippers up. "No, i'm not...But CUIPED is! Happy valentines day...
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"(Snore...Snore...) OW!!!" Starlite yelled, something had hit her head while she was sleeping. She rubbed her eyes and then opened them. Her beak dropped. It was a oasis, the rumput was go green anda would say it was plastic, palm trees and buah-buahan trees surrounded a crystal-clear river, the river was fed oleh a beautiful waterfall. If anda could call it that, the waterfall was only a metre high. "Am i in heaven?" She whispered as she looked at the ikan swimming in the crystal water. "No, because anda don't belong there." She heard a familiar voice say, Skipper came swooping in via a vine, he was dripping....
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posted by ImAnEasel
It was early in the morning in Central Park. anda could see a tiny sliver of sun peeking reluctantly over the horizon, painting nearby clouds berwarna merah muda, merah muda and orange. The penguins had already begun their training an jam atau two ago. It looked like it was going to be yet another cloudy autumn day. When the sun was in full view and the other zoo binatang had woken up, Marlene jumped into their habitat.
"Hey, guys!" she said, cheerily.
"Marlene!" berkata Skipper. "You can't just jump into our habitat whilst we're training!" Then he had a detik thought. "Unless, of course, it's something life-threatening!"
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Chapter 3: Reaction

The selanjutnya morning Brandon and Marlene woke up from their late night mission last night. They were very tired when they got back to the zoo, but were happy that they were successful on their mission. Both otters got up from their rock bed, both yawning and stretching.

"Good morning little bro." berkata Marlene.

"You just cinta calling me that huh?" asked Brandon.

"Yes I do, little bro. Hehe!"

"I still can't believe your older then me and yet I'm bigger then you."

"Don't rub it in. How do anda think Blowhole slept?"

"I'm guessing fine. But was it really a good idea to just put him in...
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 Virus Attack
Virus Attack
Meanwhile, in Marlene's Habitat...

Marlene: [Creeped out] "Aah!!! Skipper? Julien? Why are anda guys akting so weird?"
Skipper: "Prepare to meet your end, sister!"
Marlene: "Huh?"
Julien: "How shall we put it? 'Your doom'!"
Private: [From far away] "Not on our watch!"

Private and Rico finally tampil up, to protect Marlene from the Virtual Clones…

Skipper: "You Losers come back for more?"
Private: [Angry] "We’re here to stop anda and send anda back to your gloomy Virtual World, where anda came from!"
Julien: [Laughs evilly] "Funny, that sounded like a threat! The thing is Wannabe Penguins don't actually...
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 Virus Attack
Virus Attack
The Penguins go back to their HQ, still shocked oleh the sight of Skipper and Julien attacking them. It wasn't like them at all...

Private: "Kowalski! Take a look!" [Points at one of the stuck-out wires (which Julien and Skipper had previously got electrocuted with)]
Kowalski: "Oh, I totally forgot! Let's finish inventing it!"
Private: "Maurice and Mort are in trouble and you’re worried about your '3D'?"
Kowalski: "No, we'll use it to see if we can track where Skipper and Julien are taking them!"
Private: "Great idea, Kowalski!"

Wasting no time, Kowalski continues to complete building his Computer....
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Brazil' Skipper name is Franscisco Bretas and in his twitter he said:
Voicing akting another season of Penguins. The Skipper is the maximum. Do not know if I voice act atau laugh .. in doubt: I voice akting smiling in corners.

I recorded four episodes of the Penguins. One of them was a natal special. Skipper for doesn't disappoint the kids in the zoo dressed as Santa Claus.

Isn't it Amazing?????
The First voice akting probably happends in Rio De Janeiro, anda probably had already listened about there specially if anda had watched Rio. And the detik maybe happends in São Paulo .
That's it!!!!!
posted by chaos-ice
“Ah huh, Bingo!” Kowalski berkata proudly.

“What is it Kowalski?” Skipper asked as he moves near Kowalski.

“I have completed my energy converter and it’s now ready for action” Kowalski said.

“So what does it do? I hope this gotta be good” Skipper crossed his flippers

“It will convert negative energy to positive energy and vice versa” Kowalski replied.

“Okay, now explain it in English, less brainiac” Skipper berkata sarcastically.

“This thing can convert evil things to goodness” Kowalski explained.

“And?” Skipper asked thinking that this device might also have a negative...
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I Made This For A request for skipperfan5431 No rude komentar atau Negative komentar Please Enjoy (Penguin/Penguin Version)
*Lily Was sitting In The Central Park When..
Private:Ok skipper anda Can Do This
Skipper:I Can't Private Shes so cute I Get Nervosus Aroung cute girls Like Her
Private:Can anda At Least Ry Sir?
Skipper:Ok I Can Do This
*skipper Walks Over To Liily And Liily Saw Skipper Comin to her
Lily:Hi skipper Sir What's up?
Skipper:Uhh.I Don't Know uhh would You..You Go.. On A tanggal eith..Me?
*Lily hugs Skipper Hard and skipper's Face Turns Red As a apple*
Lily:Of course I Will I Benn Waitin For...
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as midnight drawed near.3 baboons were ready to put a spell on marlene's pool.
dela:ok gals ready.
dela:ok pool of water hear my plee turn into bleach for anda and me and now hear this.your powers will fade with true loves kiss."
the water turns to bleach and the trio leave.when morning hits.
marlene:well it a perfet hari I think I'll take a dip in my pool.
marlene swems for a while and gets out but is bleached oleh the pool's spell.
skipper:ok kowalski do anda have a three?
kowalski:yes privete do anda have a....
but before kowalski compleats his kuis julion comes in.
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     While sitting in front of the telly with his legs crossed, Private stared straight ahead on the screen with a look of happiness on his face; He’s been so busy watching his favourite tampil about the Lunacorns until he heard a small, faint voice on the metal door just behind him. “Oh dear what was that noise?” the young pinguin, penguin said. His curiosity became aroused so it was then he turned off the telly and proceeded to the door to examine it.
    While he stood there all alone, he just stared at the large door with the utmost mysterious, inexplicable...
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Me:well I got a letter
Skipper:who be seading anda letters
Me:I don't know
The letter says: HogWarts school for witchcraft and wizardy
The penguins look up
Skipper:Alex your a wizard anda have to go I'll sign
Me:I know but guess what I get to see Harry yes
Skipper:well anda sead owl post
Me:tons I promise
At HogWarts
Me:Harry,Ron,Hermoie hi
Harry:maybe you'll be a griffendory
Me:I hope so to
At the sorting cermony
The hat:griffendory!
Harry:congrats Alex
Me:thanks anda know I miss the penguins
The doors ayunan open and hagrid comes in and guess who came with him
(Johnson: Got the idea for this my watching saw and a fan on here who gets credit for helping with the idea got me thinking of making this. Sense me and Manfredi die all the time persay probably anda guts will find this interesting to see if we can trick the master of death himself. xD Live on jigsaw!)

"W-what?" I say as I look around feeling so very dizzy as I awaken slowly with blurred vision. I rub the back of my head gently for it was hurting really badly for reasons I don't know why. I think I was hit on the head with some thing. Most have been a rock atau a stick. "Ow..., yeah defiantly a...
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The girls walk into yet another dim-lighted room.
"Stay close Marlene. Jigsaw is one wacked out man, and he puts traps in the least suspecting places." Lilly whispered as she held her friend's paw. Marlene couldn't help but wondor...How does Lilly know so much about this guy? They walked deeper into the room and heard the sound of a familiar shreik. "RICO!" Lilly cried, realizing who the animal in distress was. Not thinking, she ran to the end of the room and tripped over a good o'l fashioned trip-wire. Suddenly, the lights turned on and revealed Rico, taped to a dinding in front of the team's...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly took the uniform and headed for Kowalski's lab. The clone tried to pull her back, but she kicked him in the...ummm....berries. Yup. " Come on Lilly, we can talk about this!" Cried the clone, seething with 'berry' pain. Lilly shut the big steel door behind her.
---------------------------------------UNKNOWN LOCATION IN THE ZOO!!!!
Skipper has been trying to break out of his shackles all day. " I have to get out of this room! Who knows what kind of sick, twisted things that crazy clone is doing to my friends! Especially Lilly and Marlene. He had his sights on them lebih than anyone." Skipper...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The selanjutnya day, Skipper began akting a-little, well.....different. He flirted with Lilly like, all the way until noon, then he forgot the deactivation code for the detinator Rico had saved in his colon. (That would have been a mess!) Thank gooddness Kowalski remembered.
" What's gotten into him?" Lilly asked Rico while they were swimming in the pool. "Uh mmmn?" Rico replied as he shrugged his shoulders.
ON-TOP OF THE bel, bell TOWER!!
Skipper was watching the zoo from the bel, bell tower when his eye began to twitch uncontrollably! " Ahhh!! Darn these stupid contacts!"...
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Seek and Destroy


Hans led the trio on the revenge. They had a base set up in Hoboken, the cesspool of New York. Blowhole was the evil scientist, formulating the plans. The Red tupai set up contacts with other binatang bent on getting revenge on Skipper. And Hans made all the big decisions. Such as trusting the two of them to follow his main plan.

There's an evil feeling in our brains
But it's nothing new, anda know it drives us insane

He knew of Skipper’s rational fear of churches. Once he got over it, he would go on a spree of goodwill, if his psychology was correct. Then they would strike....
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posted by Spi_Kat_Penguin
"Alright,men" Skipper whispered where Kaitlyn wouldn't hear,"We'll allow her to stay, but keep an extremly close eye on her, I don't trust her at all." The boys nodded. They came out of the huddle. "It took anda long enough, and oleh the way, I'm Kaitlyn." She said. She had a tinky little smile on her face. "We'll allow anda to stay.......... for now, but the first little trick, you're out." "I understand." Kaitlyn sighed. "Good." Skipper said. Kaitlyn sighed again, it seemt like everyone was supicious of her. Maybe it was because of how she looked. No, that couldn't be it. She was to pretty. "Oh...
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