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 "Who's Private?" He asks, still confused...
"Who's Private?" He asks, still confused...
Alice snatches him from the doctor and takes him back to the Penguins’ Habitat. Private becomes confused oleh the surroundings. Where was he? What is he doing here?...

Private: [Confused] "Where am I?"
Skipper: [Happy] "Welcome back, young Private!"
Private: "What?"
Kowalski: "We were so worried…"
Rico: "Im maka cake ('I made a cake')!"
Private: "Worried about what?"
Skipper: "Aren’t anda hurt, soldier?"
Private: "Hurt?" [Tries to walk] "Ow!"
Skipper: "Rico! Give him some Walking sticks!"
Rico: "Idunnohave! ('I don’t have')!"
Skipper: "Kowalski?"

Kowalski takes out two Crutches out of his lab and...
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Even supervillians still had nightmares.

Balanced on his scooter, the one-eyed ikan lumba-lumba, lumba-lumba leaned against the railing of the pier and gazed at the ocean. It had been years since he had last set fluke in it. He had forgotten, in his time away, how to take care of himself there.

He heard it. The soft blow of an exhaling dolphin. It was followed oleh another, then two more, then a few others, until a pod of Bottlenoses had surfaced and began to lingkaran the pier.

He smiled. Lowering himself to the floor of the platform, he reached under the final railing to caress his cetacean brethren. Like all dolphins,...
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“What friends Are For”
January 2, 2014

    “Hello, silly otter!” Julien called, striding up to Marlene, who was taking a walk through the zoo.

    Marlene came to a stop and turned to him. “Hey, Julien,” she replied. “What’s up?”

    “Oh, anda know, the usual,” Julien replied.

    “So, kicking Mort, drinking smoothies, and ordering Maurice around?” Marlene teased.

    “Oh, anda know me so well, Marlene,” Julien berkata with a smug smile.

Marlene rolled her eyes. “So, what...
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Author's Note: And here's the selanjutnya chapter. I also want to thank SaturdaySurpris for reviewing. Enjoy!

Private and I walked back to the zoo. “So,” asked Private, “how was it?”

I grinned at him. “Amazingly delicious.”

He beamed. “See, everybody likes snow cones.”

I laughed. “You were right, Private. Race anda back to the zoo.”

I took off sliding. He ran a little before launching himself. “Not fair!” yelled Private. “You got a head start!”

We arrived, laughing, at the pinguin, penguin habitat. “Uh oh,” berkata Private, sliding to a stop.

I followed his glance to see a very...
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Author's Note: Here's the selanjutnya one! Hope anda like it!

About two weeks had passed since the visit from Leo. Thankfully, the penguins treated me the same way as they would if they had not heard about Billy. I think Skipper ordered them not to say anything. However, I know they knew.

Each of them would shoot a sympathetic glance at me when they thought I was not looking. I have heard Skipper talk to himself about me when everybody was asleep. Fortunately, I was now completely well and could train once more. Unfortunately, Skipper and I argued a lot.

I breathed in the fresh scent of early morning....
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Author's Note: Here's the selanjutnya chapter. I decided to post both of them because
(1) I had them already typed out on my computer
(2) I didn't update the story for a while
(3) I wanted to celebrate 2014!
Also, this chapter is in nobody's PoV. The other chapters (except otherwise noted) will be in Nathan's PoV. Enjoy!

“Nathan didn’t always work alone,” explained Leo. “He had a partner –Billy.”

“What happened?” asked Private.

“I’ll get to that part soon,” berkata Leo. “Together, Billy and he were one of the best.”

He glanced at Skipper. “Perhaps anda know them, Skipper.”

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posted by Aquade
Author's Note: Happy New Year! Here's the selanjutnya chapter!

For the detik time that day, I woke up –this time with the smell of sardines. Private’s face was hovering close by, and that was the first thing I saw. “He’s awake!” Private yelled.

I held a flipper to my head and groaned. “Remind me not to spin my head like that again,” I said.

Rico smiled at me. He berkata something I didn’t understand. “Sorry,” I said. “What did anda say?”

Private translated. “He says that you’ll get well soon.”

I glanced at Rico. He nodded in confirmation. Kowalski waddled over. “Perhaps...
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posted by Aquade
Author's Note: For the people, fanguins, cookies, and others who wanted this story to continue. Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season but enjoy!

The first realization I had that I wasn’t dead was voices –familiar, annoying voices. I had never been so glad to hear anyone in my life. “When is he going to wake up, Skipper?”

I knew that voice. I frantically searched in my mind for the name of the speaker. Private. That was his name. Skipper replied. “I don’t know, Private. I don’t know.”

I heard a barely contained sob, and the sounds of another comforting...
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Author's Note: This has nothing to do with natal at all. Just finished it and decided to post it. Enjoy!

Lobsters were running into each other and spilling whatever they were holding onto the ground. My ears were ringing, because somebody had set off an explosion fifteen feet away from me. Fog seemed to cover my eyes, making it hard to see two feet in front of me.

I heard voices –penguin voices near me. My throat was dry, and I could only manage a little lebih than a croak. “What are anda doing here?” I yelled the best I could.

One of the penguins –a flat-headed one- turned and stared...
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Scene 1


"It's coming! Dan! Come quick! He's hatching!"

"Coming Teressa!"

*Teressa & Dan watch as their first egg hatches*

Teressa: *picks up hatchling & cradles it* "Oh, Dan! It's a boy! What should we name it?"

Dan: "Um, how about Skipper? It means leader."

Teressa: "Yes! That's it! Baby Skipper."

Skipper: "Mama!"

Teressa: "Yes, darling! Mama. And Dada." *gestures toward Dan*

5 Years Later...

Skipper: *runs up to Teressa & Dan* "Hi mom! Hi dad!"

Dan: "Hi son! How was school?"

Skipper: "Oh, it was a lot of fun. Is it okay if I go to Jake's to play?"

Dan: "It's alright with me. Teressa?"...
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posted by RockOnPoM
Chapter 1: Who Calls At Midnight

Marlene's Habitat, 11:57PM

Marlene was sitting down, waiting for a specific Dragon Fly to appear. Finally, he arrived.

"Hey Marlene. Ready to plan all o' this?" asked Scouter.

"Of course I am. Look, I kept a map of the pinguin, penguin lair. Ya know, in case of emergencies. There are 4 main enterances. First one is the hole hidden oleh the penguin's food bowl. The selanjutnya are the two windows underwater from the pinguin, penguin habitat. The last one is the air vent. But I doubt I would be able to fit in those pipes." Marlene explained.

"I got an idea. How about I go through the pipes,...
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Still leaning closer to see the pinguin, penguin that was staring at the recorder finally looked up blinking his dark sea blue eyes twise then squints them now looking straight tword me.
"Who's Manfredi?" The pinguin, penguin berkata as he starts to get up waddling tword me but then stops. I noticed a chain around his on of his ankles but that was the less part I noticed. What I mostly notice was how when the pinguin, penguin when he was standing up was the scars on his side. I became so very curious because he looked so very formilar. I just could not put my flippers on it. Who was this guy then? Why am I here stuck with...
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I expect to see some COMMENTS!!!!!!

Kowalski, on the night of Savio's death, had made a decision to never let Adrian out of the aman, brankas confines of his mind ever again. He'd stuck to it for two weeks now - seeing Marlene the way she was had been cause and motivation enough. He'd done other things with the experiment - watched reaction of the chemicals as he added different substances to them. He'd made little to no progress, but he was determined to stick to his decision.

But now, after two weeks, something different...
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Lilly closed Rico's eyes, and sadly walked twoards Marlene. " So...what did he say?" Marlene asked. Lilly's voice trembled as she spoke. " H-he wanted me to tell Juliete he loves her. Let's just keep going okay." Then she led the way to their selanjutnya game. Suprisingly, Marlene and Lilly walked into a super bright room with light grey wallpaper. " I wonder who's in here......." Marlene said, poking her head out from behind Lilly's back. In the overwhealming light, Marlene was able to find a large, black tape recorder. " Wait! This is Skipper's!" She realized. Lilly's jantung sank in her chest. (This...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
 run as fast as anda can and don't stop for any reason.
run as fast as you can and don't stop for any reason.
Dark clouds romed the winter night sky of New York. a cold rainy night was coming. Down below in Central Park a mother rubah, fox was watching her pup playing up ahead as she walked behind.

"Ok little one, i think its time to head back to the den." The mother berkata in amuzment as she got close to her kit.

" Aww, but mama its not that late" The kit protested.

"No, but it will rain soon and i don't want to get wet when its this cold out." She pointed out. "now come on." she turned and started to walk the way where their sarang, den was.

" Okay!" the kit berkata as she pranced her way beside her mom.

There was silence...
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posted by rico911910
Last night the four penguins went to sleep at eze, but when the selanjutnya hari came Rico, Kowalski, and Priviate was all weaken up oleh somthing sounding very disterbing. Like somone being chocked oleh somthing.
"Were is that nose coming from?" Kowalski asked.
"I don't know. Rico do anda have any idea?" Priviate asked after.
"Uhu" berkata Rico.
"What about anda Skipper?" Priviat asked in curiosity. There was no answer. "Skipper?" There
was no answer agien. Than the three penguins started to get worried. When Priviate asked one lebih time and heard no answere they begian to panick. They jumped out of there...
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posted by Aquade

Skipper waddled in one of their escape tunnels. He didn't care where he was atau where he was going. After a few menit of walking, he finally sat down and stared at the envelope in his flippers. When he couldn't take it any longer, Skipper ripped open the envelope and began to read.

Dear Skipper,

If you're membaca this, then I cannot believe anda actually miss me. I have to admit that I balked a little when I was about to write this. I didn't think that anda would read this, but then I thought about everything we have gone through, and the words began to flow smoothly.

I suppose you're...
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Note: This chapter is not in Nathan's PoV. Read on and you'll see why.


It had been a week since the mission with X. Private woke up first, much to his surprise. Stretching, he yawned and jumped down from his bed. As he looked around, Private felt as if something was missing. He looked around again and soon discovered what. "Everybody wake up! Nathan's gone!"

Wide awake, the other penguins flipped out of their bunks. "What?" asked Skipper.

Wordlessly, Private pointed to the empty bunk. Kowalski waddled over to it. He spied a note on the tempat tidur and picked it up. "He left a note."

"What does...
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As I dodged a frantic grab from X, I glanced at the other penguins. We had certainly come far from our starting point. There was no doubt that we would beat X and get out of here. I launched a kick at X, but was batted away. He really was as good as they had berkata he was. As I flipped to break my fall, I skidded around. "Any ideas?"

They all shook their heads. I turned to Skipper. "You berkata that we needed some prayers, right?"

"It was a figure of speech!"

"It's the only thing we have!"

"Oh don't worry; I'm sure we've all berkata lebih than enough prayers to last us for a lifetime."

"So the only things...
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posted by Aquade
"I have a plan, but you're not going to like it," I said.

Skipper glanced at me doubtfully. "I have a feeling that I'm not going to like it too."

Kowalski turned his gaze on me. "What is it?"

I looked at Skipper. "This has something to do with the deal we made earlier. I'll distract X while anda guys escape."

"Hey!" argued Skipper. "When I made that promise earlier, I didn't plan for this."

I glanced sharply at him. "We made a deal, so don't anda tell me that you're going to back out of it."

We reached a dead end. I looked at them all in turn. "Don't anda see? I'm not going to let another pinguin, penguin die...
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