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Some people think the penguins are brothers while others think the all met and aren't related. This story is a mix of both sides.
Deep in Antartica, there was a mother pinguin, penguin and a father pinguin, penguin with four eggs. They seemed like the happiest pinguin, penguin couple in Antartica.

Once all the eggs hatched, they were even lebih happy to see four healthy boys.

Once they were a little older, the mother and father trusted them to play on their own without them watching. So they went to a party one night, and left their eldest chick in charge. His name is Skipper, he was in charge of his brothers, Kowalski, Rico, and Private.

All was well that night, till four humans found them.

There was a scientist, a militay leader, a rock star, and a normal typical man.

The scientist took Kowalski, the military leader took Skipper, the rock bintang took Rico, and the normal human took Private.
Sorry if there are errors I am in a huury, I'll fix it later.
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