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posted by Mummy_Love

Can our OCs be related to the past?
They can! They don't have to be, and I think not being related is just as good as being related.

Are Roman gods allowed?
Yes, on all RPs.

What if someone godmods atau is a Mary-sue?
We will message them personally.

Do OCs have to get along?
No~ They can dislike each other just fine. Just don't offend someone OOC, and don't take offense if an OC dislikes yours. Chances are, they're liked OOC.

How many OCs can we have?
As many as you'd like! Though, let's keep it at a maximum in this RP to three? That way you're active on all of them.

Leader of the cabins?...
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posted by Alex13126
This is just the FAQ's for the Past RP, not the present atau future. You'd have to ask Evan atau Penny for those two.

Can I gabung in onto a plot?

Depends who's in it. You'd have to ask them.

What time period does this take place in?


Can my character be from the future?

No. There's a reason why this is the past.

Do we have to talk old?

Nope! Not unless anda want to. Although, I'd prefer anda not use "awesome", "swag", "yolo", ect. At least try to be from that time period.

Modern hari themes?

None. No McDonalds, Wal-Mart, electricity, iPhones, nothing like that. This is the 1840's.

What's going on?

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posted by Alex13126
RP Rules:
No copying characters, canon atau someone else's
Just because anda think someone else's character is cool, atau anda really look up to a canon character, it doesn't mean anda can feel free to steal their traits, looks, atau personality. Stick with your own characters.

Will be kicked off if not active for a bulan atau more
I know that school comes up, atau anda get grounded, and that anda can't be on everyday. That's fine, we don't expect anda to be on for 24/7. But unless anda tell one of the admins that you're on a hiatus, after a while your character will be taken off the banner and replaced.

No smut...
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posted by Mummy_Love
Name: Belle Parker (Alex13126)
Age: 16
Parent: Phobos
Weapon: Tazer and pepper spray

Personality: Awkward, shy, doesn't know how to respond in certain situations, tries her hardest on anything, curious, panics easily, can be sarcastic

Looks: Bright, stringy red hair, black eyes, scrawny, stick like arms and legs, chubby face, bangs that stick to her forehead. Her natural hair color is a light brown.

Powers: Can sense when a person is scared, know a person's fears/worst fear, and trap someone in a nightmare atau their worst fears. She doesn't like that fact that she can only harm with her power. She...
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Name: Emma (Alex13126)
Age: 15
Parent: Persephone
Weapon: Stygian iron sword

Personality: She's rude, serious, mature,and can take things quite literally. Emma is quite restless, never wanting to sit atau stand still. She can only sleep for a few hours at a time, if that. Contrary to her attitude, she does actually like to sing and dance, which surprises her fellow campers. She's capable of having fun, but she gets easily irritated after a while.

Looks: Pale blonde hair, purple eyes, slim figure, 5'7, youthful face, long legs, angular features

Powers: Powers differ on the seasons. During the spring...
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posted by Alex13126
How do we apply?

You apply oleh menulis the application for whatever RP you're joining and sticking it on the forum.

Can we have three different characters for the RP's atau are they the same character in different times?

Yes, they have to be different characters. The same characters can be a bit boring after a while.

Do our characters have to be related, atau can they be related to their past ones?

No, the characters in the Past and Present do not have to be related. If anda want, they can be, but anda don't have to make them be related.

Do we post our applications on the forum for the RP, is there a...
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