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As many of anda are dreaming about, Ouran season 1 has ended and fan have been craving for a season 2 for a VERY long time. If some of anda researched anda could have come across the fact that considering the komik jepang just ended not to long yang lalu their is much lebih that a detik season could grant to its fans. Petitions are being signed and everything which could influence a change of jantung to bones but does not mean it will be 100%. Keep in mind that for a detik season we wont have it for months atau even years IF it would be made. Another interesting fact I have come across is the following, if you...
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YES!!! I got Kyoya!!!!
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I looked around me the redrose sky was sure beautiful tonight just like the perfect rose garden I was in! I may have had to stay up all night doing those host club bill's but it all worked out I thought.I looked around me the garden was so calm and peaceful that annoying Tamaki isn't here to disturb me my mind cried out! But he can be rather funny in his own way!Bang my jantung thumped, my whole brain swirled, blackness covered my vision.I was up later than this before and they never closed the jalan, street lights down before."Kyoya" a faint voice cried...but it must have been loud because whoever...
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