Hi, I´m a huge fan of the OHSHC and I really wanted to put my info on my favorit anime characters, Kaoru and Hikaru, from my POV :)

Remember its just my thoughts :)

Hikaru Hitachiin.

The older one of the Identical Hitachiin twins pair of the Ouran host club members. He part his hair to the left and kaoru to the right, and that way anda can easily tell them apart, there voice isn´t the same either, Kaorus voice is a little bit higher than Hikarus, Which is pretty normal for twins, though when they speak at the same time it sounds exactly alike. Hikaru is really clever minded , and they like to manipulate people ,to get what they want, without the person even realizing there trick. Both of the twins have a sarcastic humor. Both of them Like to play tricks and find up silly games, which has always some deeper meening to them, if anda think about it. They excpecialy like to torture Tamaki, oleh flirting and saying sweet things to Haruhi in front of him, because they know Tamaki’s feeling towards Haruhi, even if Tamaki doesn´t realize it himself.
To Hikarus feeling, being a Twin, being a brother, trying to be in depended and recognized as a person with his own personality, but still wanting to be beside his twin brother, but then falling for a girl, Haruhi. All of this feeling must be confusing for him. He had been living in his own world, with his brother for so long that he missed out on the real one. He wasn´t good at all in socialing with other people and didn´t like it a bit. He was stubborn, though he is that through the whole anime series, and he won´t let people get close to him easily. Even though both of them are really sweet, and carrying, when anda get to know them better, there, “mean attitude is just a nervous reaction for when they are not sure if they could trust the person atau not. When Haruhi joined the host club, because of an accident, something chanced, in all of them, but mostly in (Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and kyouya).
Maybe after Haruhis advices and interesting Point of views, they did loosen up a bit, and there komentar has just become an habit.
Both the twins are described as a kind a devilish bad boy and rich brats, that doesn´t seem to know anything about the „ commoners life, and didn´t really care about it until then again, Haruhi becomes a part of their life’s, and there vision and perspective for things and feeling chances, and Haruhi being able to tell them apart, makes them like her even more, and both the twins feel like they can trust her. It makes them feel like she cares about them, because, I know being a Identical twin myself, it is a huge differents between people that can´t tell anda apart but really want to and those who can´t and don´t care, because they think that it doesn´t Metter because they have this stereo typical image of that twins are exactly alike, because they look similar. I guess the twins thought if nobody could telling them apart they kind a didn´t care about them, so they just stopped giving people which really cared a chance to tell them apart.
I know when anda are a twin, anda have had a friend, and someone close to anda from the hari anda were born. I know twins can often be thought as loners, and sometimes weird, for not always desire for socilating with people? But the truth is that twins sometimes feel alone, though they are together, and nobody likes to be alone.
The twins did a deal with Tamaki, which was something like this,“ that if he could tell them apart they would gabung his club, Tamaki did really care, and really wanted and tried to tell them apart. oleh figuring out that even if two human beings are very similar to another, nobody is Identical really, because even if they would try hard to look the same there is always that different that makes anda a human, your soul, and your mind, thoughts, dreams, and your desires are always your own. There personalities.
I know it’s not easy to be friends with twins; anda need a great patients, being able to be calm and have a good temper. Twins fight isn´t like other peoples fight, atau well maybe but arguing with your twin is like arguing with your, Husband atau wife, because of the strong bonds, they have to each other.
I bet twins sometimes feel like they are married to their twin, even if its kind a weird thought.

-Twins are able to tell easily and knowing what the other twin if feeling just oleh their signs, body language atau facial expression. Because that how most twins communicate with each other.
Kaoru Hitachiin,
He is the younger one, though his mature speeches and actions make him be thought as the older one. He has a great love, and feeling toward his twin, and only wants what is best for his brother. He knows his brother so well that he is able to tell his brother feelings even before Hikaru does it himself. Like when he told Hikaru that He was inlove with Haruhi.
Hikaru ofcourse tried to deny it, but he knew his brother was right.
Which make Kaorus feeling complexed.
He is glad that his brother is in love, but he little bit afraid of Hikarus feelings for Haruhi will become stronger than his feeling for his brother, which makes him, get a lonely feeling inside, feels like he is left alone. In the episode, they are on a vacation, atau lebih like stalking Haruhi thing. When Hikaru saves Haruhi from a vase which was falling from above, Kaoru comes running, being worried to death that his brother maybe got hurt. He sometimes feels like Hikaru doesn´t always realize how much he cares for him, but deep inside he know that Hikaru do. When he than realizes He is in cinta Haruhi as well, he feels tangled emotions, because he don´t want to break his brothers heart, but he wants to tell Haruhi how he feels about her.

-    I hope I´m not spoiling anything,, here for those who haven´t read the manga.. so I´m just going to say, he deeply cares for his brother , and he has feeling for Haruhi.

Like his brother he also wants to be recognized as an Person, though he like being a twin every step of the way.
He is very Patient, and that way he can tell Hikaru, to calm down he is getting angry, atau impatient.
It is really, Hikarus strong sides are Kaours weaknesses and Kaours Strong sides are Hikarus, weaknesses.
Like Yin and yang.

Well if anda read this, I just wanted to thank anda for reading, hoped anda liked it and enjoyed it.

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