anda giggled as anda walked over to Honey’s house. Today was his birthday, and anda wanted to give him a couple of things to tampil him anda liked him. ((You got saran on what to give him from your older sister, who was “the expert” on everything, especially romance.)) Walking up to the front door, your Ballet flat crunching in the February snow, anda knocked on it, careful not to drop the cupcake anda were carrying.
Waiting for someone to open the door, anda looked at your appearance through the doorknob. anda were wearing a baby blue dress with ballet flat with a white trench mantel covering it, your (h/c) locks curled with a bright blue bow in it. Because anda wanted to look nice, anda didn’t bother wearing a touque, which made your hair covered in snowflakes.
Door opening, anda looked to Honey’s cousin Mori. They were both the same age as you, 6. Giving him a sweet smile, anda tried to peer behind him. “Is Honey here?” anda questioned. “I wanted to give him something for his birthday.”
Looking to the cupcake anda were holding in your hands, Mori nodded and gestured for anda to walk inside. Taking your trench mantel and shoes off, anda sat at a nearby meja and waited for Honey’s arrival. Looking at the frosting on the cupcake, anda didn’t notice someone approach anda from behind and membungkus, bungkus his arms around you.
“______-chan, I thought I told anda I wasn’t having a party!” Honey said, letting go of you. Turning around, anda faced honey. Even though he was the same age and the same height, he looked at least 2 years younger than anda and Mori.
Smiling, anda hid the cupcake that was on the meja behind your back. “I know, but I brought anda a couple of things for your birthday! But First, anda have to say the magic word.”
Screwing his lips to the side, Honey thought for a moment. What was the magic word again? Giving a guess, Honey answered anda the best he could. “Please?” Giving anda anak anjing, anjing eyes, Honey looked at your (e/c) orbs.
Giggling, anda gave in to his cuteness. “Actually, the magic word was Cake, but I’ll take your Please.” Retrieving the cupcake behind your back, anda gave honey the cupcake. “Happy birthday, But that’s only Gift #1.”
Taking a big bite of his cupcake, Honey looked at anda inquisitively. “Gift #1? If that’s Gift #1, then what’s Gift #2?”
Blushing like crazy, anda did exactly what your older sister told anda to do, and brought your lips to his in a small kiss. Pulling away, anda looked at the floor, your face as red as a tomato. Finally looking up, anda realized that Honey was just as red as you. Does that mean he likes me back? anda wondered.
Face still as red as ever, honey stuttered out a question. “_-______? W-what was that for?” Looking into his Brown orbs, anda answered his question. “Well, um, I-I wanted to tampil anda I liked you… Do anda like me?”
Turning even redder, Honey looked to the floor. “Y-yeah, I do.”
Wrapping your small arms around him, anda pulled him into a tight hug and giggled. “Yay!! And oleh the way, your lips taste like cupcakes.”