You Scowled at your parents. They never told anda They were going to file a divorce! anda knew there would be a probability that they would, due to the fact they always fighted on which family business anda went into. But anda weren’t expecting that until anda were 14. BUT AT THE AGE OF 7?! What the hell was wrong with them? A few days later, anda had your things ready and bid a farewell to your mother, as anda and your father were moving to America. As anda walked out anda looked to your mother for a last time, no longer able to predict your future thanks to your new change.

“But WHY do I need to go onto this first date?! I don’t even KNOW this Kyoya person anda speak of! “ anda looked to your father angrily. He had set anda up on a first tanggal with a family friend’s son, apparently because they had “big plans” for the both of you. anda hated it when they did that, but it was only logical to them, both of them being from big companies and all. But it wasn’t always fair to you. anda were expected to take on the family business, marry some unknown man in 4 years, and expectantly gabung companies. It just wasn’t fair on your perspective. Sighing and unclenching your grasp from the fine glass table, anda gave in.
“Fine, I’ll go on your stupid date.” Your father quickly gave anda a ciuman on the forehead while mumbling a thanks and how grateful he was as anda reached into your tas, dompet sitting on the meja and took out your digital planner. The only hari anda were free was on Saturday, so anda took that hari for your first tanggal with the stranger, not knowing what would happen.

_________________________________ON SATURDAY________________________________________

anda watched as the small black limo drove away, instantly leaving anda alone to wait for the stranger Kyoya. As your father had told you, He had black hair and glasses, and would meet anda at the restaurant for your date. Bringing a curled stray (H/C) lock behind your ear, anda looked around. The jalan, street where anda were waiting was no place for anda atau your dress to be, since your dress was a white floor length one with only one shoulder strap, so anda walked into the restaurant. Sure enough was a very handsome man waiting there. Taking a moment to drink him up, anda secretly looked him up and down. He had Raven black Hair and glasses, and was wearing a black tux. Taking your hand in his, he shook it slightly before properly introducing himself.
“ Hello there miss, my name is Kyoya Otori. I’m sure anda are ______? Am I correct?” Looking to him, anda blushed and nodded. “Excellent. I am sure anda are as intellectual as my father tells me anda are, so I am quite sure we’ll get along fine. Come and have a seat.”
As anda were led to the meja oleh the waiter, anda couldn’t stop stealing glances at Kyoya. Damn He was cute! Sitting properly at the table, anda both ordered what anda wanted and sat for a moment in silence, like it was some sort of funeral. After a couple of minutes, anda both started a conversation, asking each other a flood of questions. Soon enough anda were both in a deep conversation about your family businesses, and what the other’s parent “expected” for your “future”, barely even noticing when the waiter came oleh and brought your food.
Once anda were finished with your conversation, the both of anda snapped back into reality, realizing anda were both famished. Using the silver cutlery, anda delicately cut the food anda had and ate it; Just as anda were taught. After anda were both finished, anda went back into conversation, and the way he looked at you; it was so loving, it was like anda were the cinta of his life, just through the first date.
Once anda were both finished with your conversation and your dinner, he brought anda home; stopping anda from going inside before anda were pulled into a deep, sweet kiss. Though it was short, it was sweet. Just like candy.
Afterwards, once anda were already inside, it was like anda floated to your room where anda changed into your pajamas and went to bed, only wondering when you’d see him again.