At Lobelia Girls Academy
I looked in my locker.
Where on earth did I leave it?
I looked everywhere, in the trash, my desk, even the cafeteria. No where to be found. I went out to the sidewalk in front of my school to see if I dropped it on my way here . Lobelia Academy. I hate this place, Benibara and her little Zuka Club wont leave me alone.
"What are anda looking for?", I heard.
I turned around.
"Oh, Hichii!",I said. "Um, nothing. just lost my lunch".
"I could help anda find it", he replied.
"No, no! I'm fine", I berkata worried.
"Are anda sure?".
"Yes, yes! Just go...Do something".
"Um..Okay?", and he walked off.
Whew. That was close. I couldn't let Hichii see it. Not the picture.
What am I going to do? What if someone finds it? I didn't even want to think about it.
"Looking for this?".
What? No. No, not her!
I turned around and saw Sakura and her little 'possy'.
She giggled and held up a piece of paper. Oh, no.
"What a cute little picture this is", she berkata and opened it.
"You and Hichii I believe. Getting married? How sweet".
"Why anda little!", I yelled as I ran at her with my fists clenched.
Her two 'friends' grabbed me and held me back.
"You give that back, now!", I screamed at her.
"Um, let me think. No", she berkata with a smirk.
"I'm gonna kill you!", I yelled and broke free.
I ran at her and gave her a big slug in the face, and picked up my picture.
Just the the principal came out the door.
"What on earth is this! What happened!", she cried.
I am so dead.
-----Back at home-----
"You got expelled?!", my mother yelled at me.
My dad backed her up.
"I can't believe you!", He screamed.
I sunk in my seat, wishing I would just disappear.
"What do anda have to say for yourself!".
"I who do anda think anda are!".
I stood up.
"Who do I think I am?", I berkata darkly.
"Did I stutter?", my mom said.
"I think I'm a high school girl whose being controlled oleh her parents!", I screamed.
"If I don't get perfect grades, I get punished. If I do something the slightest bit wrong, I get punished.
If I don't do exactly what anda say, guess what, I get punished!".
"You stop yelling now, young lady!", my dad said.
I ignored him
"And to puncak, atas it all off, there are a bunch of lesbian at my school that won't leave me alone!", I said.
My mom walked forward, and slapped me in the face.
"Were going to teach anda how to be a proper young lady! Were sending anda to the finest school there is, and your staying there until anda graduate!".
"But-", I said.
"End of conversation!".
And I was sent to my room.
The selanjutnya week my mom took me to a private academy.I was still wearing my Lobelia's uniform, and wished I wasn't.
I stayed outside as my mom filled out the registration paper.
I sat outside in the sun, wondering how it would be here. It seemed like a good enough place, pretty fancy.
lost in my own thoughts, I didn't realize a tall young man walk up.
He looked at me surprised, and ran inside.
What's his problem?
My mom came out after awhile with a yellow dress.
"Put this on", She berkata and handed it to me.
I shrugged, and went to the dressing room.
I only wished I saw the uniform ahead of time, so I could run away before I had to put it on.
A big, poofie, girly dress. It was awful, worse than the one I wore at Lobelia's.
I did my best not to tampil how displeased I was, but I didn't do to well.
My mom ignored my unhappiness, told me goodbye, and drove off.
I guess I'll just do my best.
"But man, do I hate this dress", I berkata to myself.
I did pretty well for my first day, though know nobody talked to me, yet.
I made a pretty good impression, everybody was polite, The food was good and the place was was huge, so I could spend my time adventuring when I was free.
On one my adventures, I found a musik room. musik room three to be precise.
"Oh perfect!", I berkata to myself. I loved music, so this was going to make my time at this school a lot better.
I opened the door, but instead of finding a bunch of instruments, I found a bunch of cute boys.
"Welcome to the Host Club!", they all berkata and smiled.
But their smiles disappeared when they took a good look at me.
They all stared.
"What?", I asked.
I looked at all the boys and tried to see if I knew any of them.
One tall with blond hair and purplish eyes, one with black hair and glasses, a young boy who looked like he should of been in elementary, Two who looked almost exactly alike, one with brown short hair, and the last one I really stared at.
"Wait, you're the boy from last week, right?", I said.
"I saw anda in front of the school my first hari here".
He nodded.
They all looked at each other and nodded.
The tall one with blond hair stood up, walked toward me and grabbed my hands.
"Um, what are anda doing?", I asked him.
He looked me in the eyes.
"Wha-What?", I berkata surprised.
"Your from the Zuka club aren't you! I WON'T LET anda HAVE HARUHI!", he screamed in my face again.
"The...Z-Zuka C-Club?", I said.
I made him let go of my hands, and went to huddle in the corner. A awan of doom appeared over my head.
The one with glasses grabbed his shoulder.
"Now, now Tamaki. Now look what you've done", he said.
"I-I don't know why she's like this, Kyoya", Tamaki, I think, said.
"It's as if she hates her own club".
I turned and looked at him with evil eyes.
"I hate the Zuka Club", I berkata while twitching.
They all looked at me with confusion.
"Mori-Senpai, anda berkata she was in the Zuka Club", the one with brown hair said.
"She was wearing the Lobelia uniform, Haruhi", He said.
I nodded.
"Yes, I used to go to that school", I said.
"Used to?", I think it was Kyoya, asked.
I stood up.
"I got expelled", I answered.
"For what?", Haruhi,I think, asked.
"I knocked a girl out".
The twins smiled. "I think were going to like her", they berkata at the same time.
"Well anyway, why did anda think I was with that awful Zuka Club?".
"Um, we, um", berkata Tamaki.
"They come here a lot, yeah! They always pick Haruhi to be with! Ha, ha, ha", berkata berkata worried.
Something fishy is going here.
"We're very sorry,", berkata Haruhi.
"They drive us crazy from coming here to much".
He came and kissed my hand.
"Well, it's very nice to meet all of you,", I berkata and bowed.
"I'm Mishiranu Kagami, what's your names?", I asked.
They all introduced themselves.
Tamaki,Kyoya,Takashi,Mitsukuni,Hikau,Kaoru and Haruhi.
"So this is a host club?", I asked.
"Yes, very nice to meet anda Miss Mishiranu",Kyoya said.
"Can I try this out? I've never been in a host club", I said.
"Of course! Which do anda want? The Princely type, The Cool type, The Strong and Silent type, The Boy-Lolita type, The Mischievous type, atau The Normal type?", he said.
I thought.
"I guess The Normal Type", I answered.
Haruhi stepped up.
"Right this way, My Lady", he berkata very politely.
I followed him to a meja and sat down.
However, I stepped on my dress rok as I sat down, and fell to the ground.
I instinctively tried to grab something to pull myself back up. Unfortunately for me, what I grabbed was the tablecloth which had a pot of hot teh on it. anda can guess the result.
I was on the floor, soaking wet with hot tea.
And then my foot hit Haruhi's leg, and he fell into the puddle of tea, too.
I looked at Haruhi. We both started laughing.
We laughed and laughed until it hurt to.
I finally got up and started realizing why I shouldn't have been laughing. This was my only uniform.
"Um, do anda have a dressing room I could use?", I asked.
"Yes, right over there", he said.
We both grabbed some towels and went into separate dressing rooms.
I took all my clothes off, and hung them up with a towel under them, so they wouldn't get the floor wet.
I wrapped a towel around myself, and sat down on a stool.
I guess I'm staying here until my clothes dry off.
I sat there for a few minutes, but I'm not the kind of person that can sit down for long without something to do.
I started patting my feet on the ground to make a tune.
*Pat pat pat*
*pat pat pat*
I didn't make that last one. Haruhi?
I just kept with the beat.
In the end we were like two people playing an entire song.
*Pat pat pat, clap clap, pat pat pat, clap clap*, and so on.
I got up and started hopping, and of course I tripped.
I fell down into Haruhi's room. I looked up.
I just slid into my room, and stayed silent.
What the HECK is going on here?

.....To Be Continued