This is the one thing I didn't need..........a child, atau at least that's not what I had planned on having at the age of 16. But it happens.

"Kyoya why do all of your parents plan on who anda are going to marry?" I asked.
"Because our parents want us to have the perfect wife atau husband, and there's really nothing that we can do about it" Kyoya said.
"Well I don't think that's very fair knowing anda are getting an arranged marriage."
"There's really nothing that we can do about it Haruhi"
I looked Kyoya in the eyes and berkata something I probably should not have said, "Why haven't anda gotten married atau have an arranged marriage waiting for you?"
That's when he said, "Because I don't need one yet, besides my father is still looking for the perfect wife for me. He had made some mistakes on my brother's wife's and doesn't want to do the same with mine. I don't feel like I need one right now so that's why I focus on making the ootori family-"
"Hey, Kyoya I need anda to find me the program!" Kiasota then walked in. He was the co writer for a project that he was working on with Kyoya.
"Well alright then." Kyoya berkata and walked out of the room. Even if Kyoya wasn't going to be the heir to the ootori family, he still works really hard to do everything he can to become puncak, atas of his class, a good student, and a good host.

The selanjutnya day.
I ran into Tamaki. Practically ran me over.
"'m sorry" he tried to apologize.
"Oh, no it was my fault since I wasn't watching where I was going" I tried to smile but knowing me and Tamaki broke up a week yang lalu thinking it wasn't going to work out, I didn't know what too say to him anymore. I still wish we could have been together but something happened after.... I slept with him. It didn't surprise me how kind the twins were after the break up. Knowing I shouldn't have done what I did I didn't tell my father.
The thing that now scared me was when Kyoya invited me over o his house to talk about something that had to do with the host club. Not knowing that his father actually went to my house I don't think I should have berkata yes to coming.
"Haruhi do anda remember that night at the beach?"
"Um yeah why?"
"Well we were interrupted oleh Tamaki and I didn't get to finish what I had to say"
"What are anda doing?" I asked.
"Tonight, I'm going to finish!" He tossed me on the tempat tidur and that was that. "I do cinta anda Haruhi, I always have"
I woke up the selanjutnya morning, grabbed my clothes and raced home.

Two months later.
"OH CRAP!!"I screamed.