one tree hill My choices for the OTH 30 hari Challenge. Which one do anda agree with most?

Pick one:
favorit male character // Lucas Scott
favorit female character // Peyton Sawyer
favorit couple // Leyton
favorit friendship // Breyton
favorit actor // Chad Michael Murray
favorit actress // Hilarie burton
favorit cast friendship // Hilarie and Danneel
favorit secondary character // Skills
favorit season // 6
favorit episode // 4X09
favorit quote // “Six billion people in the world..."
favorit CODA // She Has No Time
favorit song played on One pohon bukit, bukit, hill // Center Of Attention
Least favorit male character // David Fletcher
Least favorit female character // Miranda Stone
Least favorit couple // Taylor and David
Least favorit friendship // Felix and Mouth
Least favorit actor // Mitch Ryan
Least favorit actress // India de Beaufort
Least favorit AU couple // Peyton and Chris
Least favorit secondary character // Erin Macree
Least favorit season // 7
Least favorit episode // 2X18 The Lonesome Road
Least favorit quote // ”I keep that stuff as a reminder.."
Best akting performance from Sophia semak, semak, bush // 1X19
Best akting performance from Hilarie burton // 6X17
Best akting performance from Bethany Joy Galeotti // 6x03
Best akting performance from Chad Michael Murray // 6X17
Best akting performance from James Lafferty // 4X10
All-time favorit One pohon bukit, bukit, hill scene // 1X12 “I feel it in my heart”
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