one tree hill My choices for the 30 hari One pohon bukit, bukit, hill challenge, anda agree with?

Pick one:
Your favourite male character- Lucas Scott
Your favourite female character- Brooke Davis
Your favourite couple- Brooke&Lucas
Your favourite friendship- Brooke&Haley
Your favourite actor- Chad Michael Murray
Your favourite actress- Sophia semak, semak, bush
Your favourite cast friendship- Bethany&Hilarie
Your favourite secondary character- Jake Jagielski
Your favourite season- 3
Your favourite episode- 3x09
Your favourite quote- Who knows where life will take you, the road is long and in
Your favourite CODA- 4x21 "Within You"
Your favourite song played on One pohon Hill- Boston- Augustana
Your least favourite male character- Julian Baker
Your least favourite female character- Quinn James
Your least favourite couple- Brooke&Julian
Your least favourite friendship- Brooke&Peyton
Your least favourite actor- Austin Nichols
Your least favorit actress- Shantel VanSantan
Your least favourite AU couple- Brooke&Nathan
Your least favourite secondary character- James Lucas Scott
Your least favourite season- 8
Your least favourite episode- 8x13
Your least favourite quote- anda berkata last night at Tric that anda really didn`t mi
Best akting performance from Sophia Bush- 6x03
Best akting performance from Hilarie Burton- 6x17
Best akting performance from Bethany Joy Galeotti- 3x22
Best akting performance from Chad Michael Murray- 6x24
Best akting performance from James Lafferty- 4x09
Your all-time favourite One pohon bukit, bukit, hill scene- brucas rain ciuman 3x13
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