I am a huge fan and like most, I have craved the idea of One pohon Hill's return... And after tossing around a few ideas, re-watching the show, and talking with other fan I figured there are probably only three logical scenarios. Here we go!

1. The tampil returns and picks up where season 9 left off minus the five-year jump.

2. Since a future season with all of the pohon bukit, hill bayi being in high school isn't possible, hence their major age differences. The new series would probably have to be centered around (1 to 3) pohon bukit, hill bayi and their life in high school. Preferably I wouldn't mind watching Lily roe Scott return to pohon bukit, hill at age sixteen and attend the school where her father died at the hands of her own uncle. Since Lily was born within hours before Jamie and is close in age to Logan Evans maybe we'll probably see those characters and their parents again. Or... Sawyer returns to pohon bukit, hill either with both parents atau for good TV the inevitable death of either Lucas atau Peyton. beruang with me, I know what you're probably thinking. Lucas without Peyton is no bueno, they belong, together right? I know but let’s face it, good tv involves drama. Lucas dying, pulls at the jantung of viewers and Leyton fan and watching Peyton fall in cinta again would cause quite the stir, yay! But if Peyton died, pretty much Sawyer would be raised oleh broken single father Lucas and probably just recreate Peyton’s storyline in High school, sad and forever coping with the death of her mom’s. And honestly, Lucas oleh himself is kind of boring…
atau maybe instead of killing Lucas Off, creating a storyline such as Lucas enlisted in the army and for whatever reason was presumed dead. It would be interesting to see Leyton reunite after something traumatic like that? Eh?
Or... Lydia. Lydia was born pretty close in age to Davis and Jude, a little cinta segi tiga, segitiga between brothers and Lydia Bob is watchable, maybe.

3. pohon bukit, hill remains pohon Hill, however a whole new generation is created with new characters with no ties to our beloved cast, tears. If this were done, it would have to be Really good! Better than the that we all love. Which is kind of fare fetched but not impossible. Either way, die-hard fan would continuously compare the characters of the original pohon bukit, hill to the (supposed) atau quote on quote “new generation”. Idk would something like this even stand the chance?
I wonder which scenario anda guys would prefer atau do anda have any other ideas for how another season could happen?
What are your thoughts? Comment. Let’s start a wave!