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one direction
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-1DEDICATION-The art of being a directioner e.g I just spent 10 hours watching 1D video on Youtube, Now thats 1Dedication.
-1DERFUL-Anything that is 1D related and wonderful e.g One Directions live peformances are 1Derdful.
-1D FAMILY-The name for the collective fandom, Mainly used on twitter eg. Im part of the 1D Family.
-AMAZAYN-Amazing and Zayn mixed together means "Extra amazing".
-BRILLIAM-Brilliant and Liam mixed together mean "Beyond Brilliant".
-CARROTS-In the week 2 X Factor video diary Louis jokingly berkata "I like girls who eat carrots" and it kinda caught on.
-CATS-Harry infamously whispered...
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one direction
one direction
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 Made by: Nevenkastar
Made by: Nevenkastar
Hi:) Here is 6th part and sorry about grammar :) Enjoy :)


*Truth atau Dare*

Harry's POV
''It is little boring, Let's play Truth atau Dare!'' I berkata ,and everyone sat down in circle.
''Fine ,It would be fun!'' Lana joked.
''Okay , I will start!'' Zayn berkata with smile ''Louis , Truth atau dare?''
''Dare'' Louis answered little confused.
''I dare anda to ciuman Nena as hardest anda can in front of everybody.'' Zayn laughed.
''Well fine then.'' Louis stand up and came near Nena. He kissed her , and she blushed but she kissed him back.
''Done, now it is my turn. Katherine,...
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