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This one direction foto contains konser, setelan jas untuk bekerja, and setelan bisnis. There might also be berpakaian orang, jas, celana jas, celana panjang, orang berpakaian, and perapi celana.

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Rachel’s POV:

Hello Everybody!! My name is Rachel Stewart. I have got a huge crush on Zayn Malik, the guy selanjutnya door from the very first hari he saved my life from a poisonous snake. But later only I came to know that he did that to attract Vanessa Han.

He is one of the hottest guy in our school. He has gone out on a tanggal with every single girl in our school and that big daftar includes even Vanessa Han. Okay that happened last week.

Like I already told, he has gone out on a tanggal with everyone. Wait, not everyone. I didn’t go out with him.


I am a nerd. And also a big bookworm...
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Sierra's Intro:Well, my name is Sierra Rose Horan. Niall Horan is my brother. I'm pale, I have curly dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and I'm chubby. I work in a Bakery. I was born on January 31rst, 2000. The tahun is 2016. I have a crush on one of the boys, it's Harry. He would never go for me though, because I'm chubby, clumsy, and eat a lot. Now that I think about it, I'm like a version of my brother. I'm 5'7. I like The Beatles, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Micheal Buble`, and The Script. And I can't dance.
Sierra's POV: I...
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Your husband Harry had been on tour for quite a while. A lot had happened in that time: anda had diberikan birth to Harry's first child darcey styles and your chlothing brand had rocketed. anda was waiting in the taxi at the airport when darcey berkata "daddy" that was her first word anda was shocked she berkata it again but she pointed at Harry. She had never seen him before anda where surprised she knew Harry sat in the back of the car with anda and started crying. He kissed anda and held darcey in his arms. "She is beautiful" he berkata he kissed her on he forehead. That night anda all went out for a celebratory dinner, that's when anda organised who the god parents of darcey would be The guys where the god parents Eleanor Danielle and perrie where the god mothers. After anda had all eaten zayn got a small box out of his pocket and nealt down and berkata "perrie Edwards will anda do the honour of being my wife". Perrie started crying tears of joy " yes I will". Zayn put the ring on perries finger.
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 I picture her as Perrie (Megan Fox)
I picture her as Perrie (Megan Fox)
Hey-o! What Makes Him Beautiful Part 56 will be up tomorrow and so will Cheating True cinta Part 3. Kay,enjoyyy.Oh,by the way,this means nothing in real life. I'm sure Eleanor is her classy self :)Eleanor's parents are amazing for sure!

"Mum! No! That's so annoying" I tossed the book that mum had diberikan me just right now,"And we're having dinner"
Mum raised her eyebrows at me,"It's a book about sex and I think anda have come of age to read that book,Perrie!"
I was 18. I've read this book before. Mum FORCED me to read it. She made sure I actually read it. This was the first time I've been back to...
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Louis: For your first ever wedding anniversary Lou took anda on vacation to the Bahamas. anda had a great time swimming and tanning at the beach, partying at night and falling asleep with his arms draped protectively around your waist.

Niall: Niall decided to take anda to his halaman awal in Mullingar,Ireland. He walked around the snowing city with you,giving anda a tour of where he group up. He wanted anda to experience all of Ireland, so of course anda had a couple of interesting nights in Irish pubs.

Liam: He had been stressed out lately with recording the new album and he wanted to get away from it all,...
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Deniesse's POV
Harry carries my bags and puts it inside the car's compartment. He opened the door to the passenger's seat.
Deniesse: Harry, I- I can't do this. I can't go.
He closed the door.
Harry: Why?
Deniesse: Zayn.
Harry: Come on. He won't hurt anda atau anything. I'll be right beside you.
Deniesse: But I's sure he'll be at the party and-
Harrty: (interrupted me) Deniesse, trust me.
Deniesse: Okay. Fine.
He took my hand and I entered the car and sits on the passenger's kursi (beside the driver's seat). He sat on the driver kursi and drives.
A few menit later, I got a bit bored.
Harry: (driving) Bored?...
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Elle Girl jepang recently interviewed One Direction, and they had an interesting pertanyaan for the guys – if they had to tanggal one of their fellow bandmates, who would they choose?

Here's what the guys had to say:

Harry: If I was a girl I would date… Probably Liam. ‘Cause I think he’s…”

Louis: “He’s a solid choice. I think I… Hmm. Come back to me.”

Niall: “I’d tanggal Louis.”

Louis: “I think I might tanggal Niall. I was gonna say you, Niall.”

Niall: “I’d like to go to a theme park with anda on our first date.”

Louis: “I reckon we’d have a good laugh.”

Liam: “I think I’d tanggal Louis as well. If I was a girl, that is, I’d tanggal Louis."

Louis: “I’m gonna be a busy boy!”

Zayn: “Well I’d tanggal none of you, ‘cause none of anda picked me!”

When we got halaman awal I wrote in my diary I cinta Liam in one direction that didn't close my book and went to play sepakbola with my older sister Emilie but I didn't know that Sophie went into my room, looked in my diary and wrote WELL I HATE ALL OF THEM!!!When I came in to get my fave hat I saw what she writen and ripted it out and stuke it in her SHOE!!!
The selanjutnya hari i woke up and there writting in my diary was SOPHIE I sneaked over to her and gave her a big smake in the bottem,i went and put my 1d c.d in the c.d player and turned it up really loud!!
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Let's dance in style,
Let's dance for a while,
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies,
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst,
Are anda gonna drop the bomb atau not?

Let us die young atau let us live forever,
We don't have the power but we never say never,
Sitting in a sandpit,
Life is a short trip,
The music's for the sad man.

Forever young,
I wanna be,
Forever young,
Do anda really want to live forever,
Forever young.

Some are like water, some are like the heat,
Some are like the melody of some other beat,
But sooner atau later they all will be gone,...
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The guys of One Direction recently revealed that they are totally jealous of each other! Harry Styles spilled, "I wish I had Niall's Irish accent!" Liam Payne wants to be "as funny as Louis." Niall Horan wishes he "could riff like Zayn." Louis Tomlinson dished that he is totally envious of Zayn's "quaff," which is the British word for hair. Plus, Zayn Malik is "a little bit jealous of Liam's six-pack." OMG, Zayn with Liam's six-pack? We sure wouldn't mind that, but we cinta the boys just the way they are!
Justin Bieber is hoping to set up a celebrity sepakbola team in LA with One Direction! He also wants the team to be coached oleh famous sepakbola superstar David Beckham! Justin spilled, "I've been playing a lot of sepakbola over the last two atau three years. I've really been enjoying it. I know there's an LA celebrity team that Robbie Williams was in, but I am looking to start a team for the younger guys. The One Direction guys berkata they'll play, and also Lil' Bow Wow. There's only one guy we want to coach the team and that is David Beckham. I am going to personally ask David myself and I'm really hoping he will say yes. I was going to ask my girl Selena and Victoria [Beckham] if they wanted to be cheerleaders for us. Buy hey, that might be pushing it." So fun!
As I was membaca my artikel over again after I published it, I realised I didn't really include ALL anda need to know, so I decided to write a little lebih information in a part 2!! Well, zayn malik has three sisters ; doniya, waliyha, and safaa. Doniya is older than zayn, but zayn is senior to waliyha and safaa. He grew up around mostly women, so he says he likes to think he understands women better than most guys. Zayn also has a very famous catchphrase which is "'vas happenin'?". If anda don't know what vas happenin is, that's terrible, so I felt I had to include that. Zayn is also the best...
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It's always an awkward moment when you're in your flat, laying on your bed, you're texting your friends, and (apparently) anda forgot to lock the door because it slams open and in walk 5 guys laughing and carrying a couple bags.
"Um... Hi." I said, quite confused.
They all look up.
"Is this your flat?" They all ask.
"Yeah. Did anda guys get a room number from downstairs?"
"Yeah." the blonde one that's my height says, "Here." he hands it to me.
"Oh. That's this flat. Come on guys let's go ask."
They all run into the elevator as fast as they can screaming "NO I WANT TO PRESS THE...
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Nenas POV

''I became a One Direction fan this bulan & I really
prefer Louis..''I berkata to her close friend Anna!

''Well..I cinta them too but I prefer Niall!!!I find him really cute,, ''Anna replying

''Look Bonnie coming. ‘I berkata ...

''Hey Girls!<3SO anda like One Direction right?
Guess..They will come in our city for holidays..''
Beriwan whispered & leave us party!!!

''OMG Nena!!!!<3 I cant believe it!!!!''Ann yelled

''Come on she is liar!!;;I said!

''Ok…may anda have right..Never mind I am happy cause of Easter holidays!!!Ann berkata still happy!

''Correct...So do anda want go out tomorrow?...
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 Made by: Nevenkastar
Made by: Nevenkastar
Hey, here is the new story. Hope anda like it <3 Sorry about grammar and enjoy <3

Nina's POV
''Cher , I am going to buy something! Will anda be okay?'' I asked her a bit worried. She is very sick so I am affreid to leave her alone.
''Nina, How many times do I have to say: I am great?! Go out when anda want , have some fun!'' She replied with a smile but her face was all red and tierd becouse of the temperature.
''I know anda are lying. Just call me if anda need something! Bye!'' I hugged her and went to restourant to oreder something for lunch. We were home...
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 They are bernyanyi to the girls
They are singing to the girls
Emily sat up from her bed."I am so bored"she said."Me too"Said Mina.BANG!!"Ahhhh what is that!"Said Marie. "Guys its me Elena"."Oh, hi so glad its you"Said Marie relivied."You guys look so bored,so guess what I found.I found a Disco Session and this one is not just a normal one a very famous band are coming!"Said Elena exicted. "OMG I so wanna go"Siad Mina merrily. Everyone was gone. " Where are anda guys"said Elena. They were all upstairs getting ready. Elena rushed up to and got ready. Mina wore a short mini dress as Blue as the sky. Elena wore a white short dress with a red ribbon. Marie...
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Although it seems that they all succeed in baru saja months, some of the band members, such as Niall Horan care for the future.

"All of us have high expectations," berkata Niall for the "We cinta Pop" magazine. "The musik industry is changing so fast that anda must constantly be on guard. Lady GaGa is at the peak of his career, but all it can to destroy her. It prevents ejected oleh song after song, and keeps people interested. "

"We are happy because we have such a strong fan base, but if they do not like our music, how long can that last?" Concluded Niall. However, we think that there is no reason for...
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