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lebih than this (chapter 2, part 2)

When i was eating, i saw Lia walking towards me running i stopped eating and looked at her. She is like an malaikat walking towards me. "niall thanks for telling them my favorit color anda are the best" Lia berkata "oh sure no problem!" i berkata "um niall,can we speak with anda alone?" Lia said. I was surprised cause she berkata ALONE "yah sure"I said. we went to the room Lia started talking "um i like to say that i have this weird feeling that we were ment to be together" "really Lia? Well im surprised." "so can we be together?" "holy guacamolli of course!" "yey thank anda so much" i realized that the boys and valerie were behind the door cause louis laughed "ahahahahaha what a romantic scene" louis berkata "hey anda dont laugh at them they are a couple now" liam berkata "oh sorry daddy" louis berkata "oh, how nice of anda to know" lia berkata sadly "why are anda sad hun? I berkata "nothing its just that it was supposed to bea a surprise" lia berkata "dont worry, its ok sweety" i berkata "ok its fine its just a surprise now lets go halaman awal valerie" lia berkata "oh ok" valerie berkata "woah where a anda going? Were still gonna it the cake and play the piñata right boys?" liam berkata "right liam" the boys berkata "yeah, and me and Valerie are gonna dance." zayn berkata "fine but only until zayn and valerie is done dancing"
*AUTHORS NOTE* sorry its a bit short still thonkin bout ideas.hope anda enjoy
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