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Weeks passed, and everything was going swell. Harry came over every hari to hang out with the boys and Carter. Will called over every so often also, and got on very well with the boys, especially Louis.

Carter’s memory was slowly coming back. She remembered lebih and lebih early memories each hari with the help of the boys. She confided in them quite often and also remained closest to Zayn. Liam was taken aback oleh Harry’s persistence with Carter. He never wanted to leave her side. It was like they were joined at the hip. Any time Carter was feeling slightly down, it was Harry she would call for.

Carter and the boys’ daily ritual returned to wrestling. Harry even joined in sometimes and got very glued to the programme while he sat with Carter and the boys every night. Carter would usually cuddle up to him with a blanket while watching it, cheering on her favourite every now and then. She was back to her masculine ways again, taking back up sepakbola and other sports. She only wore make-up on very rare occasions and went back to her natural hair colour.

It seemed like nothing was going to bring her down. She was sky high and on awan nine.

* * * * *

Zayn jogged upstairs and opened the newly-fixed door to find Carter fast asleep in bed. He smirked and tip-toed over to her bed, climbing in and pulling the covers over him. Carter still remained silently asleep as she faced him. His eyes fixed on her face, staring at her deeply. He couldn’t help but let out a small giggle, which he soon stifled.

“It’s rude to stare anda know.” Carter mumbled, her eyes still closed. Zayn’s eyes widened. “Since when are anda awake?!” he questioned suspiciously. “You’re not very good a tip-toeing. It sounded lebih like an gajah stomping around the room.” Carter replied, squinting her eyes in order to get used to the blinding light. Zayn’s cheeks flushed bright pink. “Oops. Sorry.” He laughed. Carter yawned and pulled the covers over her.

Zayn sat up and climbed over Carter, trapping her between his legs and straddling her. Carter frowned at Zayn whilst glancing up at him. “What do anda want for breakfast?” he asked. “Sleep.” She muttered in response. Zayn chuckled and got off Carter, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulders. He skipped out of Carter’s room and glided downstairs.

“Zayn! Let me down anda twat!” Carter screamed. “Shush! You’ll wake the others!” Zayn hushed. “Oh, like how anda woke me?!” she quizzed before screaming once again, louder this time. Zayn threw her onto the dipan, sofa and sat on her stomach as she desperately tried to wriggle free. She eventually gave in and surrendered, collapsing her arms and legs as Zayn grinned victoriously. “You’re an idiot.” Carter glared at the cocky boy on puncak, atas of her. “So are you.” Zayn winked.

He grabbed the remote and switched though the channels. Carter smirked evilly and spat on her hand. Once she did, she wiped her hand along Zayn’s face, knowing how much it would annoy him. Zayn twitched slightly when he felt Carter’s wet hand on his face. He motioned his head towards Carter and stared at her with a deformed expression on his face.

“You did NOT just touch my sexy face!” Zayn scowled at the girl underneath him. “Oh but I did Zayn.” Carter grinned devilishly. Zayn straddled her once again, viciously tickling her sides. “HELP!” Carter yelped between giggles, hoping to wake one of the boys. Zayn wriggled his eyebrows at Carter while trapping her underneath him.

“Liam! NIALL! Louis! ANYONE!” Carter screamed. Zayn laughed and continued to tickle her sides. Harry came through the door detik later, hanging up his coat.

“HELP! RAPE! RAPE!” Carter’s voice beckoned through the hall. Harry’s eyes widened. Was someone hurting Carter? He rushed into the sitting room to find Zayn ‘attacking’ Carter… with tickles. Carter noticed his presence, as did Zayn. “HARRY! HELP ME!” she screeched. Harry dashed over to where she was, but instead of doing what she had wished, he did the opposite and joined in on tickling her.

“You bastard!” Carter cursed, kicking and screaming wildly. She aims her legs at Harry and accidently hit him in the crouch. A small squeal escaped Harry’s lips before he collapsed to the ground. Zayn jumped off Carter as she piped up, gazing at the curly-haired boy moaning in pain and clutching his crotch on the floor. Carter stifled a giggle and stood beside Harry.

“Harry are anda okay?” Carter spoke in a worried but very amused tone. Harry groaned but nodded. “Help me up?” he pleaded. Carter nodded and held out her hand to help him up, but Harry had other ideas. He pulled Carter down onto the floor and sat on her. Zayn clapped his hands and howled with laughter. Harry smirked at his victory, while Carter frowned at her defeat.

“I hate anda guys.” Carter sulked as Harry lay across her. Zayn and Harry gasped fakely. “You hate us?! No no no no no! anda cinta us beb!” Zayn laughed whilst Harry hovered over Carter, ciuman her numerous times. She pushed him away and he hugged her tightly, trying to annoy her as much as possible. Zayn joined in too, both of the hugging and ciuman her repeatedly.

Niall ran into the room. “Hey! Leave Carter alone! She’s mine!” he yelled, pacing towards Carter and the boys and pulling her away from them. Carter stuck out her tongue at the two mischievous boys and hugged Niall tightly, making sure to make them jealous. Louis soon joined in also, helping Niall rescue Carter from Zayn and Harry. Carter was literally being thrown around like a ragdoll, going from one of the boys to another.

Liam gazed at the boys and Carter as he stood in the doorway. “Liam! Help!” Carter shrieked, but Louis covered her mouth. “She’s fine Liam! Nothing to see here!” Niall chuckled. “Join me and Zaynie Liam!” Harry said. “Yes, gabung us.” Zayn added in a creepy tone. Liam rolled his eyes and stepped towards the boys, pulling Carter up off the floor and sitting on the couch, setting her onto his lap. “Now she’s mine.” Liam grinned, earning a pout off each of the boys and a giggle off Carter.

* * * * *

A little while later, after everyone had gotten dressed, they decided to go to the park for a game of football. Carter was just finishing tying when Harry strolled through the door. “What do anda want Styles?” she quizzed, glancing at the curly haired boy stood before her. “The boys want anda to hurry up.” Harry replied, clutching onto Carter’s small waist. “You look beautiful.” He purred in her ear. Carter shook her head and frowned.

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Harry kissed Carter’s neck before she stood up and waltzed out the door. He followed her out and picked her up halfway down the stairs. “You do know I’m capable of walking, right?” she giggled. “Yeah but you’re too slow at it.” Harry told her as he opened the front door and skipped into the car.

Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall were already in the car waiting for the duo. Harry climbed into the passenger's kursi while Carter sprawled across the three boys in the back. “I see you’re wearing my boxers.” Louis remarked, earning a simple nod off Carter. “And my jersey.” Zayn added, Carter winking in return. “And my shoes.” Niall finished, narrowing his eyes at Carter. “It’s not my fault anda have small feet!” Carter chuckled.

“Why don’t anda ask Will to come too?” Liam quizzed. Harry nodded and pulled out his phone, tapping on the screen a couple of times. He then threw it onto his lap. About 30 detik later, his phone beeped, signaling a reply from Will. “He’s coming.” Harry announced. “YES! I cinta WILL!” Louis cheered. Harry chuckled and looked back at Carter, who had her eyes closed.

“You can’t possibly be tired Carter!” Lima said, gazing into his rear-view mirror. “Ask gajah feet over there!” Carter replied, pointing to Zayn. “He woke me up.” She continued. “At half 11 anda douche!” Zayn objected, poking Carter in the stomach. “I’m a growing girl! I need my sleep!” she remarked in response. Each of the boys rolled their eyes as they pulled up outside the park.

* * * * *

They messed about for hours, playing football, tag, bulldog and much more. At around half past 5, Louis and Will set off to get everyone chips. They arrived back to find everyone lying down on the grass. Louis’ first instincts told him they were dead, but his theory was soon proved wrong when they sprung up at the smell of salt and vinegar. After grabbing a bag of chips each, they sat around in a lingkaran and dug in.

Laying her head on his lap, Carter beamed up at Harry. He leaned in and smashed his lips upon hers before hugging her tightly. “Okay, enough with all of the mushy stuff!” Louis gagged fakely. Niall let out a huge fart, causing each of the boys to erupt with laughter. “I really need a friend that doesn’t have a dick.” Carter commented, munching on a chip.

Each of the boys fell silent. “Why?” Liam asked. “To talk about girl stuff.” Carter retorted. “Like what?” Harry quizzed. “Like make-up…” Carter began. “You’ve got Zayn for that!” Will chuckled, earning a glare off Zayn. “… and bras…” Carter continued. “I’m sure Will can help anda with that! He had man-boobs!” Zayn taunted. Will slapped him in the gut. “And boys.” she finished.

“Nobody knows boys better than boys themselves!” Harry argued. “Just face it Carter, you’re lebih of a boy than Niall!” Liam sniggered. Niall nodded along until he realised what Louis had berkata was an insult. “HEY!” he exclaimed. The boys burst into laughter.

* * * * *

Soon, the boys began to play football again, while Harry and Carter stayed on the grass. Harry sat up and Carter sat between his legs, facing him with a shy smile on her face. He gazed at her with a dopey grin, causing her to scrunch up her nose and giggle.

“You’re cute when anda do that.” Harry said. “Do what?” Carter furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “When anda scrunch up your nose. anda look like a little bunny rabbit.” Harry chuckled, wrapping his arms around Carter’s waist. Her cheeks turned a crimson red colour as she shook her head and buried it in her hands. Harry removed her hands from her face and pinned the, to the floor, his body hovering over hers. A smirk played on his lips as he stared into Carter’s eyes.

“What are anda so happy about Styles?” Carter questioned, narrowing her eyes at her curly-haired boyfriend. “That I have you.” Harry replied before bending down and attaching his lips to hers. A smile graced on Carter’s lips as Harry deepened the kiss, rolling his tongue along her bottom lip. She gladly granted him access and their tongues danced inside their mouths. Carter traced her hand along Harry’s abdomen.

“Aw, why aren’t anda two adorable?” A voice cooed from behind, causing Harry and Carter to spring apart. Stood before them was none other than Lucy. Carter tensed up and pushed closer towards Harry. “Lucy what the fuck do anda want?” Harry scowled at the tarty girl stood before him. “Oh nothing, I just came here for a walk and seemed to stumble upon a whore.” Lucy aimed her insult directly at Carter.

Carter shuffled away from Harry and stood up, but Harry pulled her back down and kissed her forehead. “Just fuck off Lucy. You’re not wanted here.” Harry spat. “Carter isn’t wanted in this world. She’s a terrible excuse of a girl.” Lucy shrugged. A tear fell from Carter’s eye as she stared at the floor, not looking up once. Harry stood up and stepped towards Lucy. “Leave now Lucy.” He spoke through gritted teeth.

“What’s going on here?” Liam asked, stepping towards Harry, Carter and Lucy. The boys followed and stood beside Liam. “Oh nothing! I’m just happy to see anda can forgive Harry after all he’s done.” Lucy spoke in a sickly-sweet tone. “All he’s done? What did he do?!” Liam quizzed, clearly confused. “He didn’t tell you? Oh this is rich.” Lucy cackled. “Didn’t tell me what?” Liam inquired, half-glancing at Harry before turning back to Lucy.

“Have anda ever wondered why Harry always seemed to be there when Carter got hurt? atau why Carter cuts and cried herself to sleep most nights?”

“W-What?” Liam looked at Harry. “Lucy, I think anda should leave.” Will said. “What is she talking about Harry?” Liam queried, gazing at his friend. “I-I-I-I…” Harry was no longer able to speak. “Answer me Harry.” Liam repeated. Lucy smirked before strolling away. “Harry, are anda saying what Lucy berkata is true?!” Liam quizzed, narrowing his eyes at his best mate. “I-I’m so sorry Liam.” Harry whispered, scratching the back of his neck as a tear fell from his eye.

Liam stepped towards Harry, breathing heavily on his face and scowling at him with a look of hurt and hatred in his eyes. Carter stood up and hugged Harry tightly. “Boys, take Carter home.” Liam spoke through gritted teeth. “No, I’m staying here. “ Carter remarked, clinging onto Harry. “Carter, home. Now.” Liam ordered sternly. “Come on babe.” Zayn said, attempting to take her hand. “Get off me!” Carter snapped, wriggling out of Zayn’s grasp. Louis and Niall rushed over and picked Carter up.

“Let me go!” she kicked and screamed in their arms. “HARRY!” she shrieked. The boys brought her down the jalan, street and into the car. Louis climbed into the back with Carter while Zayn and Niall went in the front. The car began to drive off as Carter gazed out the window. She saw Liam and Harry in the park, Liam backing Harry against the wall. She knew he was going to hurt him. She opened the door of the moving car and jumped out. She picked herself up and ran towards the park.

“CARTER COME BACK!” Louis roared.

“Don’t hurt him Liam!” she screamed, pulling him off Harry. “Carter, go home.” Liam grunted. “Only if anda leave Harry alone.” Carter responded. “Go halaman awal Carter.” Liam repeated. “Liam, don’t cause trouble, just go halaman awal with Carter.” Will told him. “You shut the fuck up! Did anda know what Harry was doing to her?!” Liam yelled. “Yes, but he stopped, I swear!” Will promised. Liam lunged for Harry, but Carter stood in front of him and got hit instead. She fell to the floor in pain.

“Oh fuck, Carter are anda okay?” Liam asked, running his hands through his hair in frustration and regret. Harry knelt down beside her. “Get the fuck off her Styles!” Liam roared, pushing Harry to the floor. “How could anda hit your sister Liam?!” Will shouted. Niall raced into the park, picking Carter up and carrying her away as she cried into his chest. Liam watched as she was led away, and a tear filled his eye. He punched Harry in the face and tackled him to the floor.

“HOW COULD anda HARRY?! SHE’S MY BABY SISTER!” Liam yelled and Harry, hitting him multiple times. Will separated the duo and pulled them up.

“Just stop it! Do anda really think this is going to help her Liam?!” Will exclaimed. Liam took a deep breath.

“You go near Carter again and I swear I’ll murder anda Styles. I don’t want anda to touch her, smile at her atau even look at her. I don’t want anda calling atau texting her, I want anda to stay away. I don’t want anda to have anything to do with her. You’re nothing to me anymore Harry, nothing.” Liam spat, glaring at Harry before storming off.

He shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked down the footpath until he got to the car. He got into the driver’s seat, looking back at Carter who was cuddled into Zayn’s chest, crying her eyes out. She noticed Liam get into the car and looked up. “W-Where’s Harry?” she asked. “You won’t be seeing him anymore Carter.” Liam sighed, beginning to drive off. Tears filled Carter’s eyes once lebih as she put her head in her hands.

When they parked up outside the house, Carter climbed out of the car. She stomped up the stairs and sprinted into her bedroom, shutting the door and locking it. She slid down onto the floor and buckled her knees to her chest, sobbing once more. The boys ran upstairs and banged on her door.

“Carter, please come out.” Louis pleaded. “No.” she cried. “Please Carter.” Zayn begged. “Not until Liam lets me see Harry.” Carter said. “I’m doing this for your own good Carter! Stop akting so stupid!” Liam shouted.

“I hate anda Liam. I wish anda were never my brother.”

“Oh yeah? Well I wish anda were never my sister either!”

“I just want mum and dad back. They’d let me be with Harry!”


Liam’s venomous words stabbed Carter directly in the chest. She remained silent after his last comment, she just sobbed quietly. She knew what he berkata was true. If she hadn’t been asleep and woken up in time, maybe her mum and dad would be still with her today. Her tears became lebih frequently as she buried her head in her hands.

Liam regretted his words ever since they left his mouth. A tear streamed down his cheek. “Carter, I’m sorry.” He whispered, but no response followed. “Come on bro, things will be better in the morning.” Niall patted Liam on the back and they all went downstairs. “I can’t believe I just berkata that to her.” Liam put his head in his hands.

Of course he hadn’t meant what he said. What happened to his mum and dad was an accident, it wasn’t Carter’s fault she was ill that day.

“Liam, it was in the heat of the moment. She knows anda didn’t mean it.” Zayn told him. “She hates me.” Liam’s eyes filled with tears. He began to wonder if he had made the right decision after all.

* * * * *

Will Calling.

Carter crawled across the floor and grabbed her phone. “Hello?” she croaked. “Carter babe, how are anda feeling?” Will asked. “Awful. I feel so bad. Where’s Harry?” she whimpered. “He’s at my house love.” Will replied. “Is he okay?!” she questioned. “Yeah he’s fine babe, don’t worry.” Will reassured her. “This is all my fault.” Carter stated, “Hey, it’s not your fault, okay? You’ve done nothing wrong.” Will told her, but all her could hear was her crying.

“1 detik Carter.” Will said, strolling into his sitting room and over to Harry who was sitting on the couch, holding an ice-pack to his black eye, courtesy of Liam. “There’s someone on the phone for you.” He handed Harry the phone. “Who is it?” Harry asked. “See for yourself.” Will smiled.

“Hello?” Harry berkata in confusion. “Harry!” Carter’s voice rang in his ear. “Are anda okay babe?” he queried. “Not without you. Why won’t Liam let me be with you?” she queried. Harry sighed heavily. “I did a lot of bad things Carter.” He told her. “I don’t care Harry. I cinta you.” Carter remarked. Harry bit his lip.

“Carter, read the diary on your bedside locker and tell me that anda still cinta me.” He said. “What? Why?” Carter questioned. “Just trust me Carter, okay?” he tittered. “Okay.” Carter replied. “Read it until the very end.” He remarked. “I will.” She retorted. “Night Carter, cinta you.” He spoke in a hushed tone. “I cinta anda too Harry.” Carter whispered before hanging up.

Carter just couldn’t understand it. How did her life come to this?

* * * * *
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