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First, I just want to make something extremely clear. I may not have any personal experience with some of these illnesses and I am aware that as a result I am speaking from a position of privilege. I will do my best to treat this artikel with the delicacy and sensitivity it deserves. Please let me know if anything comes out as offensive and know that it was most certainly not intentional. Another thing to note: I am not a professional and do not have the ability to actually diagnose these illnesses, everything in this artikel is entirely speculation and hypothesizing on my behalf.

I will start...
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 The Best Character on the tampil
The Best Character on the Show
Well... Probably all anda Tamara pasangan will hate me and this article. I don't know if some people are gonna get crazy, but here it is. (Once again, keep in mind that this is only my opinion)

1. I'll start off with the obvious one: She's a hypocrite. It’s ridiculous that Tamara used a magic kacang to escape when all she’s been talking about is “magic is evil”. She hates magic, yet throughout the entire tampil she's been using magic.

2. Not only is she constantly complaining about Emma, but she's in this relationship just for her interest and she's cheating on that poor Neal! Bitch, if you...
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