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once upon a time
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This once upon a time wallpaper contains api. There might also be api, inferno, perapian, perapian terbuka, and tungku.

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Once Upon a Time 7x11 Sneak Peek #2 "Secret Garden" (HD) Season 7 Episode 11 Sneak Peek #2
once upon a time
season 7
sneak peek
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 Good Deeds x 2 + Pity Points - Evil Deeds = V
Good Deeds x 2 + Pity Points - Evil Deeds = V
We all agree that the the villains of OUAT are evil despicable human beings. So why to we cinta them so much and lebih inportantly who is the most likable? The discussion has been going on since the beginning of the show. We all have our favorit villain. It doesn't matter if your team Rumple atau team Gina our bias tends to send reason running out the door. Well, I've created a solution that can't be disputed. Why? Because it's math. My villainy equation removes all the favoritism and bias and leaves only the truth. The truth behind why we cinta these truly despicable people so very much.

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