Brooklyn waited apprehensively for the boys to walk in, she knew that if she just waited for a little bit longer she knew they would walk in and she could get a glimpse (or maybe lebih if she was lucky) of Niall, her one true cinta and future husband. They were going to get married, he just didn't know it yet. She waited with her IPhone in her hand so that she could post a picture on fanpop of a original picture of the band and her with them.
She waited breathlessly... and a bit more... a bit lebih and they never came.
The manager promised her of a private meeting with the band, it was obviously a scam to get customers to buy lebih money. SHE WAS FURIOUS, SHE FELT ALL HER LIFE HAD LED UP TO THIS MOMENT... but not the selanjutnya moment to come, as she felt herself throw her phone to the ground and cry until her best friend Richard came and berkata that it would be all right and he will talk to the manager himself to get this mess sorted.
Brooklyn screamed this to him while clutching his shoulders in disappointment and anger, even though it wasn't his fault she had to scream at him.
To Let it out.
She sat down and waited for Richard to finish on the phone.
"Right I talked to the manager and she said..."
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