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posted by jbiebgirl100
Ha yeah im clever huh! Nah I got that name in a short conversation with my friends. It seemed like everyone was combining names for relationships so i figured, why not? Sooo, I was on the phone with TAYTAY and Sammi and we were having a nice yet WEIRD conversation...i think it was about kacang mentega O.O ANYWAYS i was staring out of luar angkasa while sam sam and taytay were blabbing their mouths about kacang butter. I suddenly snapped back into action and had to ask a very important (well it's important to me) question. I asked "You guys, what would Elijah and Johnelle together make??" and Sam quickly berkata "Jolijah!!!" and Taytay berkata "OH yeah Jolijah!" and i berkata "Hmmm thats not bad...=D Jolijah" SO, yeah thats how we got that name.