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 Adam Lambert, possible guest star?
Adam Lambert, possible guest star?
>Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the March 2011 FOTM! What do anda have to say to everyone who voted for you?
>A: Thanks to all who voted for me. I was very surprised, when I saw, that I was nominated and then I won. It makes me very happy.
>Q: So for those of us who aren't that familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
>A: My name is Petra. I'm 14 years old and I live in Hungary. I'm a student, and I want to be a microbiologist when I grow up. :)
>Q: When and why did anda start watching NCIS?
>A: I started watching ncis in season 2 - episode Pop Life. My mother...
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"Another day, another body." Tony sighed as Ziva and him walked into the ncis HQ in Washington. "Very funny, Tony." Ziva berkata sarcastically. "I see you're making fun of the job anda have, eh, Dinozzo?" Gibbs asked, walking in. ", boss." Tony said, a grin on his face as he was walking over to his desk, Gibbs behind him. "One thing before anda sit, Dinozzo." Tony turned to face him. "Yeah, boss?" He asked. "Turn around." Tony chuckled. "You think I'm fall for that? Again? Really, boss. Find some new comical act already." Gibbs pointed to the floor. "There's a fifty-dollar bill on the...
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He flipped the emergency switch and turned to Ziva. Her brow was wrinkled in confusion. "Tony...", she began. He placed his finger to her lips to quiet her. "But Tony I don't underst....", she whispered. "Ziva just listen to me for a minute. Ever since anda came waltzing in with your tough girl attitude, cargo pants and your worldly experiences I had this feeling that we were meant to be. But what do I know about suff like that? Nothing. So I ignored my feelings hari after day, week after week, bulan after month, but I just can't do it anymore." He stopped to take a breath and almost fearfully...
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