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posted by nataylor7
Here are 10 lebih questions.....

1.what kind of musik do anda like to listen to while Drawing/writing?
Maybe Dance... much do anda like fictional worlds?
I would like to be in Equestria,maybe in canterlot Of MLP....
3.Which one of the egg atau chicken created the world?Uhh, I dunno
4.In Which house anda wanna be in the selanjutnya seven years?
an House,not with Other Houses MY OWN HOUSE!!!!!!!!
5.Will anda choose malaikat atau demons?
i Would be an Demon,The lalalala of malaikat annoy me and heck what about giving the good guys a chance to suffer...
6.Is there a thing in this world anda like lebih than anything,?
well i like musik lebih than anything
7.What was your face when anda saw it would be bintang wars VII?
anda don't wanna know....
8.Do anda play online RPG'S?
9.Can i have a hug :3?
Dah...Uhhh..I dont......Hug.....Random people ...................................Online
10.Can anda name five awesome artists?
I know lebih than five......
posted by nataylor7
Blue: What song do anda listen to when you're feeling down?
I Listen To Pop Music
Cup: Do anda drink teh atau Coffee?
I Don't Like Coffee,Blak,I Drink Tea
English: How many languages can anda speak?
Japanese and English(No REALLY, I CAN SPEAK JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Fear: Tell us three fears.
Saying something bad to my girlfreindd(She might Break up with me)
Eating Dirty Pizza
Saying something dumb on a date,like"What comes out and goes back in,The blood from your heart!",i KNOW that was dumb.
Read: What was the last book anda read?
Uhh?I dunno

Injury: Have anda ever walked into a glass door?
yeah and got...
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posted by nataylor7
About Me

In case anda haven't noticed, I'm not just a normal girl high school(I kind of am) .In my High school I am known, oleh 23 people for my stories, i have made 10, Some are, The holloween freak, fillies ahoy , The perfect couple and some others.

1.Who is your best friend on DA?
2.What is your favorit colour?
Pink, maybe Fusicha
3.What's your eye colour?
4.Your age(not just around 10,15,20)
I'm 15
5.What's the first amine tampil anda ever watched?
Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh
6.Favourite book?
red blazer girls
7.if anda were suspended from school,how would anda react?
i would be depressed if...
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posted by nataylor7
Macy Taylor
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i am a 15 tahun old girl who draws art on paint,i like digimon,mlp,yuru yuri,dragon ball,sailor moon,mermaid melody and other shows, i draw other things too and i am currenlty drawing anime. Making a new blog site, go to my website.

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