Mystic Falls is a picturesque town located in the southern area of Virginia. Aside from the towns foundation in 1859 (in the series timeline) oleh the Founding Families, the town also has a long history of vampires, witches and werewolves. As the Founder's Council, they secretly guard the town mainly from vampires, and they are seemingly unaware of other supernatural beings, such as manusia serigala and witches.

The Founder's council:

The Founders Council is an association of the Founding Families, townspeople descended from the original settlers of Mystic Falls, as well as various municipal officials. Outwardly, it appears to be a civic organization dedicated to celebrating local history. Secretly the council's mission is to protect the town from supernatural beings, specifically vampires. Journals written oleh members of the Founding Families describe vampire and how to catch and kill them are passed down through subsequent generations.

Local events:

Back to School Party
Night of the Comet Festival
Sexy Suds Car Wash
halloween Party 2009
Party at the Grill
Career Night
Battle of Willow Creek
Fifties Decade Dance
Sixties Decade Dance
masquerade ball
baru saja Victims Memorial
Gone with The Wind Screening
Night of Illumination
Wickery Bridge Restoration Fundraiser
halloween Party 2010
Founding Events
Founder's Party and Heritage Display (seen in Family Ties)
Founder's hari Fundraiser and Bachelor Raffle (seen in A Few Good Men)
Founder's hari Kick-Off Party (seen in Under Control)
Miss Mystic Falls Pageant (seen in Miss Mystic Falls)
Founder's hari Celebration (seen in Founder's Day)
Mystic Falls Historical Society Volunteer hari (seen in Kill atau Be Killed)


Elena Gilbert
Jeremy Gilbert
Bonnie Bennett
Caroline Forbes
Stefan Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
Tyler Lockwood
Mayor Carol Lockwood
Sheriff Forbes
Meredith Fell
Katherine pierce
Matt Donovan
Vicki Donovan
Kelly Donovan
Rebekah Mickaleson
Klaus Mickaleson
Elijah Mickaleson
Alaric Saltzman
John Gilbert
Richard Lockwood
Brian Walters
Bill Forbes
Zach Salvatore
Grayson Gilbert
Miranda Gilbert.


Mystic Grill
Mystic Falls High School
Mystic Falls Hospital
Police Station
Founder's Hall
Public Library
Salvatore Boarding House


Due to legal conflict, the town was named Mystic Falls, instead of the novels' Fell's Church.
Mystic Falls is located in between Lynchburg, Virginia and Charlottesville, Virginia according to the map on episode Rose.
Mystic Falls is the place where vampire were created over a thousand years ago.
Mystic Falls is the place where manusia serigala have resided in for lebih than a thousand years.
Mystic Falls is the birthplace of most of The Originals.
Mystic Falls High School was built on land that was once an Indian village.
The town square is where the natives would gather to worship when The Originals were still human.

It's Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here!!! - Elena Gilbert.

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