The selanjutnya day, Jerry returned to his house after buying groceries. The detik he walked into his kitchen, the phone rang.

Jerry: *Picks up his phone* Yeah?
Costanza pony 93: We got trouble down here! Come help us out! *Gets shot, and hangs up*
Jerry: What an interesting phone call. *Runs to his car, grabbing a Mac-10 on the way out*

He drove to the vila, villa where his boss lives, along with dozens of other Costanza members.

Jerry: *Stops near a tree*
Mexicans: *Firing MP5's at the Costanza's*
Costanza pony 55: *On an M60, selanjutnya to two ponies using M4 Carbines*
Jerry: *Gets out of his car, and shoots three of the Mexicans*
Mexicans: Another Italian! Kill him!
Jerry: *Shoots two lebih Mexicans, and reloads. He uses the pohon for cover*
Costanza pony 55: *Shooting the rest of the Mexicans as they run towards Jerry*
Jerry: *Looks at the pony* Thank you!
Boss: *Running out of the villa* Jerry, come inside!
Jerry: Already figured on doing that. *Walks into the villa* What the hell was that about?
Boss: Mexicans. We've had trouble with them before. They call their group, MS-13. Been coming up here from Los Angeles.
Jerry: Are we expecting lebih of them?
Boss: With their cars laying out on the side of the street, it'll attract lebih of them. *Looks behind him* Boris, Q, take care of them.
Costanza Ponies: *Going outside to pindah the cars*

Three black Fords were coming towards them.

Boss: Looks like they're too late.
Mexican pony 92: *Shoots Boris with a Famas*
Q: *Returning fire, and shoots the driver*
Costanza pony 55: *Firing his M60 at the Fords* Get me lebih ammo!
Costanza pony 52: Right. Give me half a minute. *Runs off to get lebih ammo*
Jerry: *Firing at the Mexicans with his Mac-10* Come on Q, get in here!
Q: *Returns from outside*
Jerry: That was close. Are anda okay?
Q: Sure am. Thanks Jerry.
Jerry: Get a gun, and help us out. *Watches two bullets hit the dinding near his head*
Costanza pony 52: Here's the ammo!
Costanza pony 55: *Firing twenty five bullets* Okay, reload!
Mexicans: *Shooting at the ponies upstairs*
Costanza pony 55: *Gets hit twice* Ah!
Costanza pony 52: *Reloads the M60, and shoots the rest of the Mexicans*
Boss: Now, it's over. For today at least.
Jerry: How do they get so many ponies in their gang?
Boss: There's lots of Mexicans in Equestria trying to get extra cash here and there. When they try to get a real job, most businesses turn them down, so they resort to a life of crime. Just like what us Italians went through sixty years ago. anda may go halaman awal Jerry. I need to see if we can get any help from Chicagoat.

2 B Continued