Jerry got into a brand new Subaru, and started driving towards Daly City. He had a sticky bomb that he would use to eliminate his three targets.

Jerry: Three dark green ponies travelling to San Franciscolt in a Plymouth. It won't be easy, but I'm sure I'll find something. *Looks to the left, and sees the three ponies* I gotta make a U-turn. *Turns left*
Pontiac Pony: *Honks his horn while getting cut off oleh Jerry*
Jerry: *Grabs his sticky bomb, and throws it onto the Plymouth*
Green Unicorn: Hey, that guy just threw something onto our car.
Green Pony: Let's pull over, and see what it is. *Goes onto the side of the road*
Jerry: Perfect. *Flips the switch, and blows up the Plymouth, also killing the Pontiac pony in the process* About time.

Meanwhile on the news

Reporter: Police are stunned oleh a dead pony found in the bathroom at Chicagoat's Union Station.
Police pony 35: We did find two slugs from a kuda jantan muda, colt 1911. They're very common guns, so it'll make our cari harder.
Reporter: Police say there were also no prints left behind, and no witnesses.
Mr. Costanza: Did anda do that Vito?
Vito: anda told me to kill that brown son of a bitch, so I got the job done.
Mr. Costanza: I'm proud of you. You're doing a lot of good work for us. Keep this up, and you'll get yourself a trip to the Bahamas. All expenses paid of course.
Vito: Very generous of you.

Vito started heading back to his car. His Buick was a 1979 Regal.

Penny: *Running towards Vito* Hey!
Vito: *Turns around, and smiles* Penny! What are anda doing here?
Penny: I was walking around, and I thought I'd come visit you.
Vito: I was just on my way home. Hop in.
Penny: *Gets into Vito's car*
Vito: *Starts the car, and drives to his house*

2 B Continued
Jerry's 1980 Subaru Leone
Vito's Regal