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Who are your favorit ponies from each generation?

So pick one pony from each generation to be your favorite.^^

{ ~ My favorit ~ }

Generation 1 ~ Buttons. She is my favorit pony from the 1st generation, and she was my favorit since I watched the show. I liked her pretty berwarna merah muda, merah muda coat!

Generation 1.5 ~ Melody. I cinta her personality, and her attitude reminds me of myself sometimes xD. Plus we both cinta music!

Generation 2 ~ apel, apple Pie. While there was no tampil for the 2nd generation I am still sure apel, apple Pie is my favorite. I cinta her cute design! :3

Generation 3 ~ Minty. Ah, she was my childhood from generation 3 and I always have a special place in my jantung for her. We both cinta socks, and natal as well!^^

Generation 4 ~ The entire cast of Mlp FIM! All of them are special characters, and have unique personalities! I especially cinta the Mane Six! :D


What about anda guys/girls? :).
Who are your favorit ponies from each generation?
 Who are your favorit ponies from each generation?
 Nico-chan5 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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My Little pony Jawaban

glelsey said:
G1 - applejack because I could relate to her awkwardness and clumsiness, and Lickety-Split because I cinta her sass and cynical moments! My favourites from MLP Tales are Melody because she loves musik and is so superficial it's entertaining, and Patch because I loved seeing a tomboyish pony who was into sports.

G2 - Light Heart. Like it's already been berkata it's harder to pick a favourite when there's no TV tampil atau film to get to know the characters, but based on the keterangan on her packaging, I have a feeling Light jantung has a great personality. She seems really cheeky and troublesome!

G3 - Minty, for similar reasons to G1 applejack actually! Her clumsiness lands her in trouble and I can relate to that. I also really like pelangi Dash for her OTT poshness.

G4 - Fluttershy because I can relate to almost everything about her, from her exaggerated shyness to her cinta for all animals. In close detik is applejack because I cinta how hardworking she is, and she isn't afraid to get messy and loves being outdoors.

So I guess if I pick just one from each generation, I'll go with Applejack, Light Heart, Minty, and Fluttershy. ^^
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
vern4760 said:
G1 - Baby Moondancer & Wind Whistler
G1.5 [Tales] - Sweetheart
G2 - Sundance (for namesake only, since all we know about those characters comes from the card backs)
G3 - Minty
G4 - Sweetie Belle (though all of the characters have something I like about them).
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
Twcat said:
G3 and g3.5 pinkie pie & pelangi dash
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posted ·8 bulan yang lalu 
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