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 My Little pony Colouring Sheets - Fluttershy
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coloring sheets
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I stepped on the floating platform in a dark room. I looked all around me, nothing there was to see, all but the platform and myself. A techie screen appeared out of no where in front of me. Moments later a dark figure showed up on the screen. I couldn't detect who it was, but it looked awfully familiar.
"Identify yourself," the figure commanded.
"Princess Eclipse," I replied nervously.
"This is the one," the figure said. "Prepare the tests immediately." The figure commanded. I knew he wasn't talking to me, but he was talking to someone else? All I knew is that the figure wasn't alone- where...
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I just saw The My Little pony Equestria Girls movie. And this is what I think about it.

WOW! I thought it was so amazing. The story to it was really cool. I cinta Twilight as a human. It was really cool that they had like a human world lol. It was cool that she meets humans that have the same names as her friends and also have the same personality as them. But I didn't like the ending to the movie. I wanted where she could go to both worlds any time she wants. She can meet that guy she had a crush on. I know he's a pony in ponyville. But I like them together pretty human.

I cinta all the songs and musik to it.

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 Fluttershy worried about Luna.
Fluttershy worried about Luna.
''When do anda think she'll be returning, Twilight?'' Fluttershy asked nervously. Twilight said,''I don't know, but we have to be prepared when she does.''.

Luna was on the moon, looking at the sun. She had a flashback in her mind...

''Oh, Celly! You're the best!'' Luna berkata when she was a filly. Celestia gave her a plushie and said,''You're welcome! It's just a gift for being the best sister in the world!''. They hugged each other and a tear came down from Celestia's eye. I hope we can stay together forever, Celestia thought.

Princess Luna was in tears. ''I...I don't want ti stay like this forever!''...
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A little note: before I start, I'd like to acknowledge the other awesome bronies doing some rocking fan-fiction! anda guys are really talented! So with that out of the way, let's go further into this story!

I stared at them, my wings I mean. I just stared perplexed; I have only remembered seeing two ponies yet I knew my wings weren't normal. Were they why I'm evil? I had to find out! I looked at the trash I was laying in, a hooded robe! Now no-pony else will be calling me a thing atau evil! I stumbled out of the alley way I was thrown in, I couldn't remember how to walk! Ok. Left hoof, right hoof,...
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Just the Japanese version of the Smile song remix from Smile HD.
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I've seen a couple of posts like this on the internet and I'm not sure how I feel about it. However, I could see it happening since we already have humanized ponies. These are the actors and aktris that I think can pull off the characters. This daftar will only have the mane six, Spike, the princesses, the royal couple, and the CMC.
The mane six and spike will get two puncak, atas choices and the others will get one.

Twilight Sparkle
1. Zooey Deschanel
I was never a big fan of her until I recently started to watch her tampil New Girl. I always though she was pretty, but I cinta her in New Girl. I think she...
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This fanfic is based off the book Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life oleh James Patterson

Hills Village Middle School. It's like a prison for colts, and fillies. Many of the teachers are rude, and so is nearly every student. I found out about all this when I got to my first class.

Rafe: *looking for a place to sit*
Ponies: *staring at Rafe*
Rafe: *goes to back row*
Miller: *staring*
Rafe: *sits down*
Miller: Sitting in the back, huh?
Rafe: Uh, yeah.
Miller: Are anda one of those troublemakers atau something?
Rafe: I don't know. Not really.
Miller: *shakes head* This is where all the juvies...
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Spike is a drug addict.
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my little pony friendship is magic
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