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 Celestia and Luna
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posted by KendiKens
It was a lonley and scary day,as pelangi Dash would call it later.Let me tell anda a story:
-Yes,princess,-said pelangi Dash.
-Rainbow Dash,as my loyal warrior,I need anda now lebih than ever!
-What is it princess Celestia?
-It is a great warrior,witch treated me in the past.It's WarriorFire!I want anda to stop him!He is hiding somewhere in the sky!My guards aren't finding him anywhere!That is what i called you!He is very dangerous!You may go now,you just need to go to princess Twilight Sparkle and she will give anda the things anda need for this trip.Good luck!
Rainbow Dash thinks:''What am I going to...
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posted by BriBree37
No Twilicorn.

Scootaloo shifted position, standing on tip-hoof to get a glimpse of the returning mane six, who had been involved in the Great War with the Princess of Balance, Ayari. With her stood apel, apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Spike and Pinkie. For some odd reason, Pinkie had been ordered to stay in Ponyville. Spike started shouting, "Twilight! Over here Twilight!" Quickly followed oleh Sweetie screeching, "Rarity! Sis! S-i-i-i-i-s!!!" And apel, apple Bloom. "Apple Jack! Hey!" There was Fluttershy, but where was Scoot's hero? Where was the Dash? The older mares quickly joined the fillies, and the dragon,...
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