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Chapter 7: Twilight Sparkle
    I wistfully watched as Spring hurried away. “And she seemed like such a sweet girl…” Rarity sighed.
    “We need to get away, fast.” pelangi nodded at the now-stirring Trixie. So we shot away, our hooves pounding on the ground.
    We found shelter in a hollow boulder in the middle of the forest where the village was. Rarity’s eyes flashed briefly. She hated boulders, ever since that Tom incident…
    “It’ll have to do for now, I suppose,” she muttered as she sat...
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posted by windwakerguy430
I know I'm going to piss off a lot of people, but I have to say it. I do not like the fan project, Snowdrop. Yeah, there were some good moments in it, and the animasi was pretty well done. but there were some moments that were so bad, they ruined this project for me. Now, what are those moments? (Note: This artikel contains spoilers for Snowdrop. Don't say I didn't warn you)

1. The Teacher Sucks at her Job: Snowdrop's teacher doesn't even know she has a partner. Umm... Shouldn't the teacher know about this kind of stuff. It is her job after all.

2. Judge People oleh Appearance. What kind of f**king...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
pelangi Dash went to Zecora's as fast as she could. When she arrived, she saw Zecora's hut in a mess.

Rainbow Dash: *Enters hut* Hello? Zecora?
Zecora: Who's there?
Rainbow Dash: *Sees Zecora* It's me.
Zecora: Ah, pelangi Dash, so nice to see you. But where are your friends? Have they come too?
Rainbow Dash: They're all dead Zecora.
Zecora: Oh no.
Rainbow Dash: What happened to your hut?
Zecora: Nazi Forces killed me. But I fooled them with a potion I drank, as anda can see.
Rainbow Dash: Okay. I need your help. Discord got Sean The Hedgehog to gabung his army, and now he's killing everypony....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 James, and his friends
James, and his friends
Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NochurnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, Ike and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Also starring the Southern Pacific ponies.

Nikki West From Jade_23

Michael, Roger, Anthony, Ryan, and Donut from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 65

Adventures In San Franciscolt

Date: January 12, 1957
Location: Cheyenne Wyoming. The school.

Jeff has a son...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Chapter 5
Where I am now

Today, there are a lot of great people on here, but much of the people that started this fandom left. Most people are upset because of this, but I have a way on getting past those kind of situations. For me, all that matters is the people I get to hang out with, and the ones that I enjoy being with are

In Alphabetical order

Alinah09 - She has a bright personality, and is awesome at roleplay.
Applejackrocks1 - She's inspired me to do great things, and has become my best friend. She's nice to everyone, and everyone's nice to her.. atau at least, everyone should be nice to...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Chapter 4
Bad ideas

While most of my stories were enjoyed oleh some, there were a few terrible ideas that I made for fanfics. The first one was Mane Wars which turned out to be very short, and had a bad story line. I was so mad with it, that I deleted it. I only tried doing it, because it was based off this other TV tampil I saw.

Next were three artikel I diposting which had two stories in one. I thought it would be good since it was very long, but it turned out to be too long.

I republished six Con Mane stories which had all the parts in one article. No one read them, even though I was told to do...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Chapter 3
New fan

By October 2012, I joined the fandom. It was wonderful with the music, and the fanfics (Though a few call it Fimfics I think) and I had to find a way to be a part of the group. I did. I had the great idea of combining Sonic The Hedgehog with My Little pony in a fanfic called Hedgehog In Ponyville. The main character was the one I created, and he accidentally ended up in Equestria while trying to avoid Dr. Robotnik, the main villian of the story. The first two parts were komentar on oleh a user named Epicskyrim54. He liked it, but I don't think he got a chance to read the rest...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It's hard to do what anda can for the fandom of bronies. It really is, but once anda get started, it's like there's no turning back. That's how I feel sometimes.

Chapter 1
Before the bronies

Three years ago, I created my account for fanpop. At that time MLP: FIM wasn't around, for at least a few lebih months. The tahun was 2010, and I was 13 years old, having been born in December of 1996.

During 2010, I came on here for one reason only. Sonic The Hedgehog. Back then, I was a huge fan of something way past cool. I liked it so much, I even made my own fan character. My account name is the same as...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
My name is Bartholomew Perfect The 55th. I was born in London, 1902. I lived there for nearly my entire life, but in 1951, I moved to Cheyenne Wyoming, which is in The United States of Equestria.

I worked on the Union Pacific as a conductor until June 1953, and I moved into Manehattan to work on the Neigh York Central.

Episode 1

Old Is New

June 20, 1953

Bartholomew is narrating.

The fabulous 50's. I'll never forget that decade, and it was a good thing I moved into Equestria. It had lebih to offer then any England, and France combined.

I was being interviewed for my new job in a section of Grand...
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I can already tell the amount of haters I'm gonna earn when I say "I wish there were lebih writers like Sergent Sprinkles".
This is, in my opinion, the greatest creepypasta ever. 
Not even for the plot. But the but most of the narration's are the reason why I would say the story is a bit of an inspiration to me.. As he/she really knows how to fill certain moods when describing the settings.. 
Not only that, but the fact that cupcake has some of the greastest fan video and fan sequels is also why I am a good supporter of the story.. It has one of the greatest songs ever "Get ready...
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applejack & Rarity went on to rob the bank.

Rarity: *grabs gun*
Applejack: Not yet! Ya have to wait until you're inside the bank!
Rarity: How about this? *makes gun disappear*
Applejack: Now ya have no gun.
Rarity: Oh yes I do, but it's invisible.
Applejack: Alright, let's just rob this bank.
guard: Hello ladies.
Rarity: *shoots guard*
Applejack: *kills other guards*
Rarity: I'm gonna open that vault. *magically opens vault*
Applejack: What are ya'll staring at? A southern pony working with someone british?
normal pony: Uuhhh
Applejack: *kills normal pony*
Rarity: Got the money let's go!
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posted by AquaMarine6663
Aqua followed Pinkie and her brother as they approached Carousel Boutique. “La-la-la. I can’t wait for anda to meet rarity! She’s so nice, and makes pretty dresses! Pinkie Pie rambled on to Peak. When they had reached the boutique, Aqua Marine waited outside while Pinkie Pie introduced Peak to Rarity. Surprisingly, he only left three menit later. “Wow, how did anda manage to leave so early?” she asked him. “Well, I just simply declined the offer for her to make me something. Simple.” He shrugged. “Next stop, pelangi Dash!” Pinkie squealed, hopping away. They followed her to...
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posted by AquaMarine6663
Blue Fedora slowly followed Dragon Spout as she trotted up to the Museum of Canterlot. She entered the building, and gazed around. “Hmm… let’s try the third floor.” She said, pointing with her hoof to a room on a spiraling staircase. Blue Fedora sat down, his legs starting to ache even lebih at the thought of the treacherous climb that lay ahead of him. “Can we rest up a bit?” he asked her. “No! Every detik we’re wasting, the naga are one detik closer to migrating! I can’t miss it!” she said, charging up the stairs. He sighed and slowly followed. They were in a museum...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Engines 949 and 844
Engines 949 and 844
Even though Pete told them not to race, Hawkeye, and Gordon decided to do it anyway.

Hawkeye: I'm going to win, and anda know it.
Gordon: Nuh, uh. I'm going to win, because I am going to have two diesels on my train.
Hawkeye: That doesn't mean anything. I'll make sure to send anda a postcard from Denver when I get there.
Gordon: Don't bother.

They found their engines at the servicing facility, and started driving them to the yards. The trains were already set up oleh Snowflake's tower.

Snowflake: Where is Gordon?
Metal Gloss: The lebih important pertanyaan is, Where's Pierce?
Hawkeye & Gordon: *Backing...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
That night, while everypony was asleep, Rarity was thinking about how to find out why pelangi Dash, and applejack were talking about her behind her back.

Rarity: Hmm, I can't think of anything. They just talked about me falling in cinta with Sliver, and probably... doing Rule 34 related stuff to him, but I don't care, that's just me. Wait a minute, I got it! They think I'm a Rule 34 addict, and that's why they were talking behind my back. *Goes out of her room to find pelangi Dash, and Applejack*

Next morning, Princess Celestia was having breakfast, when Lord Burlington arrived.

Lord Burlington:...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Equestria, have anda ever wondered about how some things in that world are how they are today? Well now, anda are about to find out. From having fun, in the park, to fighting crime, atau evil terrorists, this is the history of Equestria.

Episode 1: Musicians

Many ponies enjoy music. It provides a way to relieve yourself of any stress, atau to enjoy when you're having a simple car ride. Back then, the first ponies that invented music, did so only hundreds of years ago. Many ponies can't agree on who the first musician was, but the jawaban can prove to be interesting.

Octavia: I think the first pony...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After talking to Hawkeye, and Stylo, Mirage went to the train yard where he had to work with Nicole. They were taking a freight train to Laramie.

Mirage: *Climbs into cab* Hello Nicole.
Nicole: Hi Mirage.
Mirage: How long have anda been here?
Nicole: Not too long. I'm waiting for the Railroad Police to finish inspecting the train.
Mirage: Right then. Did anda check our fuel?
Nicole: Yes. We have enough coal, and water to go all the way to Laramie, and back.
RP Pony: Okay, you're clear to go.
Mirage: Right.
Nicole: Thank you.
Snowflake: *Turns signal green*
Nicole: *Blows whistle twice*
Mirage: *Shoveling...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After work, Bob went home. He invited Jerry over for dinner, and to watch sports.

Bob: *Enters apartment room* Emily, I'm home.
Emily: Hi dear. How was your day?
Bob: Oh, it was good. I met a stallion that just moved here from Chicagoat.
Emily: Oh wow. That's cool. What's his name, and what does he do for a living?
Bob: He's a dentist named Jerry. Anyway, I hope anda don't mind, but I invited him over to have makan malam with us.
Emily: Oh boy.
Bob: What's the matter?
Emily: Do anda remember when Howard showed up last time we didn't have any food for him?
Bob: I could care less about Howard's anger issues....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Harry arrived at the general store. A few police officers were there already. Early Joe was disguised as a pony working at the general store.

Harry: What's going on?
Police Pony: Well, we heard from HQ that the pony over there membaca the magazine, and some of his friends were good at robbing stores, like this one. They've been doing this for years.
Harry: I see.

The pony membaca the magazine, walked away, and got to an jeruk, orange car. Once he got in, three other ponies walked out of the car, and into the store.

Harry: Here's a couple of suspicious looking dudes.
Robber 1 & 2: *Waiting be cash...
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posted by windwakerguy430
 Road Rage
Road Rage
(Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass stop car in front of car shop)
Plum Jerkum: Huh, Scrap Metal. What a name
Shot Glass: Lets just find this Road Rage pony so he can help us (Shot Glass and prem Jerkum walk into shop) (Plum and Shot see pony working under car)
Plum Jerkum: Um... Sir......... Sir........
Shot Glass: Hey, we want some service (Kicks pony in leg)
Pony: AHH!!! (Gets out from under car) Oh, anda ponies must be the one that cop wanted me to meet
Plum Jerkum: Yes. I'm prem Jerkum and this is my brother, Shot Glass
Pony: Thats fucking awesome, man. I'm Road Rage. What can I help anda with
Plum Jerkum:...
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