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The last solstice

Chapter 14: Breaking the ice

Her first coherent thought was about Tartaros. Celestia believed she ended up there. She could even feel the heat. The snow white alicorn slowly opened her eyes, then she recognized a silhouette standing beside her bed. Her vision was still a bit blurry, but the figure looked familiar. Her face distorted in pain as she tried to move. She felt like the entire right side of her body was on fire. The pony reached out, removed the sheet from her chest and disappeared.

Celestia could not decide whether this was some weird dream atau reality. Soon, the pony...
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The last solstice

Chapter 13: Inner demons - Part 2

The Princess of the Sun circles around nervously. She’s like a snow white ghost haunting the rooms. Although it was several days ago, the encounter with Nocturnal Mirage has stirred up her soul. Laying eyes upon another pony after a decade was quite unsettling for Celestia.

“How could I have been so foolish?” the solar alicorn questioned herself angrily.

In the heat of the moment, she allowed the stallion to see what nopony should see. The marks of that fateful day… the marks of her failure.

Celestia gazed at her distorted reflection...
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The last solstice

Chapter 11: The windmills of her mind – Part 2

His first thought was to get the jerami, hay out of there, when he had the chance. It was an instinctive thought. He feared for his life. But, another part of him did not allow the luxury of backing out of this situation. Something was stronger than fear. Actually it’s two things. Compassion and hate. Nocturnal Mirage could not decide which one was lebih powerful. The only thing he knew he must go after the Princess. And so he did.

Celestia has retreated to her bedroom and seemed she has completely forgotten the royal blue stallion. She...
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The last solstice

Chapter 9: Doubts

The process is very slow, like cruising out of a dark tunnel. First, he hears muffled sounds. Everything’s quieted down. There’s no sign of battle. Then he can form coherent thoughts. The air is weird… stuffy, yet somehow refreshing at the same time. It’s quite ambivalent. Strange wafts are trying to get near his mind. The smell billows around his awakening consciousness. Is that… perfume?

The symbolic light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter, as the fog starts to break up. The stallion attempts to collect his thoughts. His heavy eyelids open...
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The last solstice

Chapter 7: Battle at Ivory Tower

The heat is suffocating. It settles on the capital, like an invisible mass. There’s absolutely no natural air movement. No clouds on the light blue sky. Everypony stays indoors, if they can. Only a few figures saunter on the streets. Mostly young fillies and colts, roasting eggs on the hot pavement, atau cinta birds, chatting at cafés, under the shadow of tall oak trees. Everything’s quiet, as the fiery orb above continues to pour its light and warmness on the Equestrian landscape. This is the worst heat wave that struck Canterlot in over...
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The last solstice

Chapter 6: Contact

Nocturnal Mirage laid still on the soft grass. The warm rays of the sun were stroking his senses very gently. The stallion got lost gazing at the sky. There were no clouds, just the endless horizon. He let his dark blue mantel absorb the heat of the fiery orb above. Freedom at last!

There’s no other place like this in the entire country! Maybe the tall mountains of his birthplace, Terra Absolutia could outshine the magnificent beauty of Amethyst Lake. The jewel of the Crystal Empire. No ripples disturbed the surface of the obsidian water. In spite the fact...
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The last solstice

Chapter 1: New recruit

What the jerami, hay am I even doing here? the thought passes through the stallion’s mind. He’s alone, in a large room. The sunrays shine through the gothic windows, bathing the sparkling marble floor in lightness, while the ceiling remains in the shadows, for it’s so up high. The royal blue stallion looks around the premise for the hundredth time. The atmosphere is formal but friendly. Four leather couches. A meja in the middle. Fresh flowers. And deadly calmness. The thick walls of Canterlot kastil, castle snuff out every noise coming from the outside. It’s...
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The last solstice

Chapter 15: pertanyaan and proofs

The nocturnal Princess stood in front of the window immovably, gazing into nothingness. She was alone in her room at the detik highest tower of Canterlot Castle. The weather outside reflected her current emotions, for a massive storm awan blocked out the Sun. Luna watched the raindrops splash on the glass and felt her concerns squeezing her heart, like a merciless hoof.

How did we end up here? Luna thought exhaustedly. Of course, she knew the answer, but she’d rather not think about it. The cobalt alicorn glanced at her reflection in the...
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posted by Mylittlecute12
[In Ponyville]
Fluttershy took Twilight to the Hayburger for something to eat. "Thanks for taking me to my favorit place in Ponyville, I'm famished!". Twilight was starting to feel better. "Your welcome". Fluttershy happily closed her eyes. "Now tell me, who in particular do anda want to be your boyfriend?". Fluttershy questioned her. " not sure, I actually don't want a boyfriend right now..I mean, I just wanna know the experience before its too late". Twilight started blushing a little. "Oh, I understand". Fluttershy started biting her lips nervously. When suddenly the door opened...
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Ok so my fan fic will be done in big chapters so there will be around 5 in total maybe more. Please have a read though, I put quite a bit into this!

Twilight gazed upon the stars, she watched them flicker and twirl in the endless night sky. But as she watched one bintang caught her attention.
"Spike?" She called turning towards her faithful assistant, he was categorising her books.
"Yeah Twilight?" "Can anda get my telescope!" "Yeah yeah in a second"
"Now Spike!" Twilight stamped her hoof, "Ok geez!" Spike ran upstairs and came back in detik cradling a fancy telescope in his claws.
"Here it is!"...
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Trenderhoof was still following AppleJack all over town, trying to impress her, and obvilious of her complete lack of interested in him.

At one point Saten Twist appeared literary out of nowhere, while wearing in usual outfit.

"Saten? What do y'all want now?" AppleJack groaned to the red Pegasus.

"Jee.. Good seeing anda to Jacky" Saten berkata with clear sarcasm.

"Ah thought ah told ya ta stop calling me that" AppleJack groaned.

"You did, but I can't help, it sounds so cute.. (somewhat pervertly) Just like you" Saten replied, to the beautifully orange, southern pony.

"Please Saten.. I had a long day....
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posted by Canada24
I know this is Windwakers thing.
And he probably already reviewed this.
But I 'also have something to say about it.


I mean.
Espically the begining parts.
One of my favorit moments is found on my profil pictures. With JappleAck giving a death threat when someone asked if she's considered vegetables.
But the begining also getting angry at the sight of a pir instead of apple.
Choosing death if an jeruk, orange atau a pisang were her only food opinions.
And abusing AppleBloom for literary every reason possible.
Including peeing in her apel, apple cider..

Anyway. The series is known for becoming...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
oleh the tahun 1904 many ponies have traveled the seven seas to find hidden treasure. All of that pirate stuff stopped in the 30's, as a war between Equestria and England started. Before that war, many ponies have found what would now be worth over 60,000 bits today. 2031 however was the tahun that a pony found a lot of treasure worth 100,000 bits. Here is her story, which started in Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie: You're probably all wondering why I called anda here.
Rainbow Dash: It better not be something random.
Pinkie Pie: It isn't. For There is an island 30 miles from Manehattan with a treasure chest...
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The last we viewed our heroes, Snowflake and Rocko, a cock-of-the-rock, were making their way to Cloudsdale to free pelangi Dash. They would need her in order to get close to King Cobra. As they travel, let's turn to the King himself. He had dispatched Cheerilee the night before, and now lay thinking in Twilight's library. A sentry burst into the study, startling the King. His kap, hood shot out, and he hissed in annoyance. The sentry came to a screeching halt, and bowed with his face to the floor.

Sentry: News for the King!

King Cobra: Come on, spit it out. What is it?

Sentry: The troops are currently...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Pete's boss, Kevin
Pete's boss, Kevin
The selanjutnya morning, Hawkeye, and Gordon went to the station early, to hear lebih of Pete's story.

Pete: Alright, where was I? Oh yesh. It was 1935, five days before Hearts and Hooves day, when my boss told wanted me to do something no engineer could do before.

February 9, 1935

Pete: Uh, Kevin? I mean sir? What is my consist for today?
Kevin: anda are to get a train that is 90,000 pounds worth of oil up Sherman Hill, with a 9000 class engine.
Pete: Sir, the rails are slippery. I can't get a 90,000 pound train up there.
Kevin: Yeah, well some ponies berkata I couldn't wear sunglasses during a snowstorm,...
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"okay we are going to learn about flying in horrible weather" the flying professor Lightning Fast berkata a few menit later "now that we finished discussing,we need to try to do that...the other pegasi teachers will try to make the weather just for this...okay so first...Flame Hazard"

"watch and learn" Flame berkata as he puts on the goggles and try to fly in the now dark and stormy sky,he was doing well until...ZAP! he got struck oleh lightning "@_@ uhh...what..just happened"

"okay i'll call the medics" Lightning berkata "Next,Winter!"

Winter saw what have happened to his friend and gulped nervously...
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 pelangi Dash is in the air wondering why the other mane five are situated at Blue Bolt's front door. And it was quite sunny outside!
Rainbow Dash is in the air wondering why the other mane five are situated at Blue Bolt's front door. And it was quite sunny outside!
anda asked for a sequel, so here ya go! In the last one, Bolt got out of the house to meet everyone in an attempt to overcome his shyness. It worked, and he's being less shy as of now. He even has a girlfriend-Applejack. I know this is cute, so let's place this story around the mane six for a bit!

Pinkie: What am I gonna do today? I've played with the ball nineteen times already! Maybe Bolt can help me! (heads toward Blue Bolt's house)

Rainbow: SOARIN! Wanna play hide and go seek?

Soarin: No...You win every time, and that isn't fair!

Rainbow: I'm gonna die from boredom here!! Perhaps Bolt wants...
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 Scootaloo leaves theater
Scootaloo leaves theater
While the war was going on, Ponyville was informing its citizens oleh making a video in the theater. The Cutie Mark Crusaders weren't interested in the war going on. Except for Scootaloo, she went to the theater oleh herself and saw the video.

The video interested Scootaloo & at the end the video berkata "and with the Ponyville Military putting all the effort into creating their own flying war machines, Green Flame asks for YOUR help" and once the video ended Scootaloo decided to go to the base herself.

As she was walking out of the theater with the new idea to sign up for the military she forgot...
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posted by xFluttershyx
"Okay, everypony", berkata Bluehooves. All we have to do is take the way out like we did last time."

"Follow me, everypony!" As soon as Constance berkata that, tje maze grew hedges that seperated everypony from each other.

Terra screamed.

"Calm down, Terra", Vanilla Twilight said. "Everything's okay."

Terra screamed, "No it's not! I'm seperated from everypony and I'm scared!"

"Stop being such a scaredy pony", berkata Constance.

"Arguing won't get us out of here", berkata Bluehooves. "Let's all just try and find the exit!"

"I agree", berkata Nashgear.

Everypony began looking for a way out.

-With Bluehooves-
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My Little Pony: Friendship is magic 
Derpy returns
Written by: Drwhoovesluvr
Scene 1:The Bin
(fan save derpy)

 Hi. My name is Derpy Hooves. I used to be loved oleh many. I made them laugh. Then one hari I decided to come out and talk to them.
(tears up)
They called me names: stupid, retarded, offensive
(tear drops)
I just don't know what went wrong. 
(another tear)
I'm sorry every pony. 
(sniffles a lot)
I-I-It's okay. It's okay-
(Pinky jumps in)

Pinky Pie:
Actually yes! It is!


Pinky Pie:
Celestia says that hey apologized! She's giving anda a kue serabi, muffin toko right selanjutnya to my cupcake shop!  OMG and anda get to have me throw anda a party!!!!
(Derpy glows as Pinky walks her back to Equestria from the "Bin")