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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Episode 6 : The Crimson Dance part 1

"I don't wanna die... I don't wanna live... I'll just drift between those two states... And I'll become death itself..."

Darkness - *stands up and holds on Thanathos shoulder*
Thanathos - Hm? anda woke up fool.
Darkness - Please... Tell me... Truth...
Thanathos - What... Don't tell me... Don't say it...
Darkness - What I really am...
Thanathos - anda don't want to know...
Darkness - Never mind... Even if I'm just an monster... I have Ponies to protect.
Thanathos - *turns around*
Darkness - I'm not alone anymore...
Thanathos - Idiot... *hugs him* anda never was alone......
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Equestrian Leaders Meeting.
Lilly - anda won't make a find knight of a peasant!
>Lilly Princess of West Kingdom
Arthur - As much as anda try he don't have a royal blood!
>Arthur king of East Kingdom
Grim Reaper - Its just pathetic...
>Grim Reaper Lord of Underworld.
Holy Palladin - Indeed herr queen whatever anda shall try.
>Holy Palladin self called Master of Principality of Ponyville.
Queen - But he already killed your best traitor Palladin.
>??? queen of Canterlot city-state.
Lilly - We will see how this young blood will grow... It's... Intriguing.
Shadowknight - Eh... Pearl...
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After a long bulan of trying to find a new shitty fanfic to review, and totally not playing all the games I got on Christmas….. I am happy to announce that I am going to review another piece of shit. A fanfic known as the Unexpected Sibling. Also, before I start, I just want to get this out of the way right now. This is a comedy tragedy with gore, and it stars an original character. I hope you’re as excited as I am, because we’re going to get this shitball rolling.
So the fanfic IMMEDIATELY starts with a pony named Kyle asking his brother, Gold… Just Gold, arguing about getting beer....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At the airport.

Larry: *Buying tickets*
Adrenaline: I hate the airports.
Larry: That's good, because we have to get out of here now. Our plane is going to leave soon. *Goes outside to board the plane*
Adrenaline: *Follows*
Larry: *Gets on the plane*
Adrenaline: *Sits down on a kursi in the plane*
Larry: *Sitting between Adrenaline, and the window*
Adrenaline: This trip should take a while.
Larry: Honolulu isn't far away. It should only take us a few menit to get there.
Adrenaline: Good thing.

Three menit later.

Pilot: *Lands the plane on the runway, and stops it three hundred feet from where it landed....
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posted by Aph-Finland
 permen Sunshine
Candy Sunshine
at Alicorn City, there is a young pony named permen Sunshine. her mother Gem Sunshine wanted her to see the land of Equestria and every pony there. when she got on the train her mother was crying tears of joy and waving her hoof in the air. meanwhile at PonyVille, Every pony was trotting and flying in ponyville. the mane 6 was standing selanjutnya to the train station. they knew a train was not coming to pick them up to go to Canter-lot because it was early in the morning and the train driver might still be sleeping. "the train is not coming every pony" Twilight said. every pony started to be sad....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 They're going to turn this beetle into a hot rod.
They're going to turn this beetle into a hot rod.
Larry, and Adrenaline walked out of the Don's house, and then they found a Beetle.

Adrenaline: That was quick. Lets go and get it.
Larry: *Walks toward it* It's so easy to find one of these cars, because it's very common. *Gets in the driver's seat*
Adrenaline: *Gets in the passenger seat*
Larry: *Starts the car, and drives* Let me know if anda see an auto toko anywhere.
Adrenaline: Sure thing.
Larry: *Passes a green light shortly before it turns yellow. He turns on the radio*
Announcer: Today, when it comes to automobiles, everypony knows the facts. Equestrian cars are very reliable, but use too...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The train stops at the station in Kaanapali.

Larry: *Gets off, holding the suit cases with him*
Adrenaline: *Follows*
Larry: *Finds a telephone booth at the station* Make the call, I'm going to get us a ride. *Walks to a blue Belleville in the parking lot*
Adrenaline: *Dials his bosses number*
Larry: *Picks the lock on the door on the left side*
Adrenaline: Hey, boss. We took care of those guys. Yeah, we got the evidence. Alright then. See anda later.
Don Castalini: anda didn't even let me say a damn word! Whatever, at least anda got the job done.
Adrenaline: Yeah. It was pretty easy.
Don Castalini: Wonderful....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
August 22nd, 1959. 8:52 AM, Lahaina train station.

Two Black ponies are wearing purple suits with yellow ties. They're both carrying brief cases.

Larry: *Watching them, on their left*
Adrenaline: So, is that them?
Larry: Yeah. That's what the don said.
Adrenaline: So, what's the plan?
Larry: I go to the back of the train with them, and tampil them this. *Shows a fake Movie Director ID* I tell them that I want them to act in a movie, and during that, anda check their cases to see if they have any info going against us. After anda find it, we kill them.
Adrenaline: Sounds good to me.

The train arrived,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After talking to Don Castalini, Larry was driving Adrenaline home, when he got an idea.

Larry: anda still want to try that destruction derby we saw earlier, atau do anda wanna do that another time?
Adrenaline: I can't pass that up. I wanna do it now.
Larry: Then let's get there. *Drives to the destruction derby stadium*
Adrenaline: *Waits to arrive*
Larry: *Stops car in parking lot*
Adrenaline: *Gets out* anda know where to sign in?
Larry: oleh the entrance.
Adrenaline: *Goes to the entrance looking for a place to sign up*
Derby Pony: What's your name?
Adrenaline: Adrenaline Rush.
Derby Pony: How old are you...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Episode 2
Exploration of Power.

Queen - Welcome to the heroes tourna-

*preparing room*
Shadowknight - *looks at hoofs*
Pearl - Don't worry however you'll do I will be proud.
Shadowknight - Hehe... (Hearing it from child's mouth feels weird)
Pearl - hey I know his weakness!
Shadowknight - Hm?
Pearl - When he lunge he is making and opening in center of his body, if anda hit it book he is down and anda win yaaay!
Shadowknight - I can exploit that...


Angel - At last.
Shadowknight - Tch...
Emerald - Don't kill him...
Angel - I'll try.
Shadowknight - You'll be the one dying today *grabs sword*
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
"Long time yang lalu when Equestria wasn't connected yet there was one pony that survived and was diberikan a knight name even if was only an waiter in inn that was plotting on killing the princess. The story of creation of honorable name."

The first Shadowknight
Episode 1
"Freed oleh child."

Streets of Canterlot.
Dark age of Medieval.

Shadowknight - *sigh* why I'm the one that have to carry carrots...
Pony - The prices went up again...
Pony 2 - yeah no joke, we can't live with that.
Pony - Shut up anda don't even work, anda feed of your parents.
Shadowknight - Hm... I wonder if my father have problems with me like...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Larry: *Driving his car with Adrenaline* Now we gotta kill ten ponies in the Mondoro mafia.
Adrenaline: Where can we find them? The pub?
Larry: Nah, no one goes there unless they're Irish. There's one hotel I know where they got lots of ponies in that mafia.
Adrenaline: Then we'd better go.

They got to the hotel.

Larry: This is it.
Adrenaline: *Looks around the lobby, as they enter the hotel*
Larry: Upstairs is where they are. We'll use the elevator.
Adrenaline: Got it. *Gets in elevator*
Larry: *Enters elevator, and hits the button for the third floor* Sometimes they got illegal gambling going on,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Larry, and Adrenaline went to the Don's house in less than ten minutes. They made it on time.

Larry: *Sitting on a dipan, sofa selanjutnya to Adrenaline*
Don Castalini: *Sitting in a chair* Gentlecolts. As anda know, there are four mafias on the island of Maui. There's us, the Castalini mafia, then there's the Scaletta mafia, along with the Mondoro mafia, and the Meladori mafia.
Adrenaline: *Nods along with mentioning of the names*
Don Castalini: We checked that pony's wallet, and mencuri $85 from him. He was a capo in the Mondoro mafia, Aldo Gerardo. To get revenge for what he did to Adrenaline's new girlfriend,...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Episode 5

Friends till the (bloody) end.

Being freed oleh Equestrian agent and diberikan direct orders to eliminate Dan himself. On paper it was easy...
Pilot - Time for anda kids good luck.
Lightning - aye... deploy.

-ground level, Shadowknight castle-

Bluewave - Isn't that too easy?
Darkness - *looks up on Castle* hm.
Thanathos - I sense alot of Ponies inside armed...
Lightning - They expect us...
Whiteheart - Is it all coming down to this...
Darkness - Tch... We can't back off now *smiles to everyone*
Lightning - An infamous Killer Darkness can smile? *laughs*
Whiteheart - Let's go....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Larry Wilcox
Larry Wilcox

SeanTheHedgehog & Izfankirby Present

In association with Windwakerguy430

Grand Theft Ponies: Hawaii

Starring Larry Wilcox from SeanTheHedgehog
Adrenaline Rush from Izfankirby & Windwakerguy430
Don Castalini from SeanTheHedgehog

On August 21st, 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state in Equestria. Just like some of the other states in Equestria, it had it's fair share of violence with gangsters fighting each other hari after day.

This story takes place on that day.

Larry: *Calling Adrenaline*
Don Castalini: I wonder what's taking him so long.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: July 2, 1961
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 3:00 PM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Pete: *Inside the station with everyone* Okay. There's thirteen of us. I will be the referee, and the rest of anda must choose your teams. Pierce Hawkins, and Nocturnal Mirage are team captains.
Hawkeye: Okay. *Gets in front of everyone with Mirage* My first pick, Metal Gloss.
Metal Gloss: Yay. *Runs to Hawkeye, and kisses him*
Mirage: Why did I have the feeling anda would choose her?
Hawkeye: Because she's my wife.
Mirage: Dan, you're on my team.
Dan: I am very pleased oleh this. *Walks to Mirage*
Hawkeye: Stylo,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: July 1, 1961
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 12:56 PM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Pete had the others meet him in his office. He told them about his idea.

Pete: Now, I understand that the work is getting harder, but I do believe I came up with a solution that will help anda take your mind off of it. Games.
Mirage: Games sir?
Dan: anda mean like hockey?
Pete: Not exactly. We will have three games, involving two teams. Everything will be set up oleh tomorrow.
Dan: So I guess you're not going to tell us about the games we are playing.
Pete: You'll see what they are tomorrow. Now get back to work....
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Episode 3.

The Howling Death.

Equestrian Woods.
Darkness - I don't feel right here...
Whiteheart - Something IS odd...
*gu nshot comes from side*
Soldier - They're camouflaged! *gets shot*
??? - Hold fire!
Lightning - *whispers* Batponies don't use guns...
Shadow - well well well. Aren't those great heroes of Equestria... Hahahaha... anda are under arrest.
Darkness - Because?
*the planes are flying over their head*
Shadow - What the-
*planes drop bombs*
Shadow - who the hell... Is that.
Blackshadow - Demon Army. We do have technology.
Shadow - Tch, without anda they won't do much...


Cell number 54...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song >>>> link

Taxi Ponies: *Driving taxi cabs to the station*

Ponies On The Rails


Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From SeanTheHedgehog

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Railway Pony: *Driving freight train across a bridge going over the train tracks at the station.*
Metal Gloss: *Drives freight train under bridge*
Pony: *In the station, buying a ticket. As soon as he gets the ticket, he runs across the platform, and boards his train.*
Hawkeye: *Preparing train for departure*
Stylo: *Looking at orders on paper*
Hawkeye: *Blows horn twice*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

Frank: *Driving on a road with train tracks on it*
Julia: *Catching up to Frank*
Engineer: *Blows the horn on his train as he slowly gets towards the road*
Frank: *Sees the train, and drifts to the left*
Reggie: We're heading back to the freeway?
Frank: It's either that, atau get hit oleh the train.
Julia: *Turns left, nearly getting hit oleh the train*
Reggie: *Looks behind him* I think we lost them.
Julia: *Gets on the freeway, and nearly hits a white Maserati*
Reggie: Nope. They're right behind us.
Frank: I see them. Okay, we're going off the freeway...
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