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After Shining Armor finishes the Crystalling preparations and Cadance finishes addressing the public, Twilight and Pinkie Pie arrive with the baby to begin the ceremony. However, once the baby is separated from Pinkie, she starts to cry. Her booming wail causes the Crystal jantung to shatter into pieces.

Applejack: I'm guessin' that's gonna make it harder to do the Crystalling.

Twilight: It's worse than that. Without the Heart, the Crystal Empire's about to be buried under a mountain of ice and snow!

Saten: (checking on them) Are anda friggin kidding me!?

Rarity: So... not only can we not take part...
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Lewis: *Playing cards with Andy, Bob, and Orion*
Shawn: Thanks for inviting us over anda two.
Andy: You're welcome.

The doorbell rang.

Lewis: I'll get it. *Stands up* Don't anda dare look at my cards.
Shawn: I'll make sure they don't Lewis.
Lewis: *Opens the door*
Pony 83: Yo, what's good homie?
Lewis: I'm playing cards with some friends. Can I help you?
Pony 83: Yeah man. anda know Kyle Jordan? The pony that owns the Video Store?
Lewis: Yeah. What about him?
Pony 83: Earlier today, I went to his store, but it was empty. He didn't lock the door, and just left everything out like it was open. Now I know Kyle,...
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It was just a busy hari in The Silver Ballroom. Since Shawn killed Clark, Shawn had to help me run the place.

Shawn: *Brings three drinks to a table* All Miller Light's, right?
Pony 523: Yeah, thanks.
Shawn: You're welcome. *Walks back to Lewis* Why are we running a bar? We're supposed to be police officers.
Lewis: We are police officers, just not on Saturdays, and Sundays.
Bob: *Loses his last life on the pinball game* Ah! So close!!
Ren: Maybe you'll beat Lewis' high score selanjutnya time.
Bob: I don't know fellas. I got really close, but it's gonna take a miracle to beat Lewis' high score.
Kyle: *Enters...
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Bob: *Walks outside of his house to get a newspaper*
Bobby: *Parks his car in front of Bob's house*
Bob: *Watching Bobby get out of his car, and walking towards him*
Bobby: *Gets selanjutnya to Bob, and sees the flowers* They're beautiful.
Bob: Thanks. Is there something anda want to talk about?
Bobby: Before we try to pull off our drug bust, I just realized something. Leonard won't want us to keep all of the money we make when we sell those drugs.
Bob: Look, everything is under control. anda don't have to worry about it. We sell the drugs, make millions of dollars, keep our mouths shut, and don't buy anything...
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 Andy's car
Andy's car
January 12, 2001

Andy: *Stops his car in front of the police station*
Lewis: *Gets out*
Andy: *Drives away*
Bob: *Watches Lewis enter the police station* Lewis, guess what Shawn got the two of us.
Lewis: What?
Bob: Come on, follow me. *Walks with Lewis outside into a parking lot*
 Outside were two Chrysler 300's, just like this
Outside were two Chrysler 300's, just like this

Lewis: I guess this explains why Andy sold my car yesterday.
Bob: Yep. These are our welcome back gifts.
Leonard: *Walks over* Welcome back anda two.
Bob: Thanks Leonard.
Leonard: Lewis, I gotta talk to you.
Lewis: Alright.
Bob: I'll go somewhere else, and let anda talk in private....
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During our suspension, we ended up working in The Silver Ballroom. Andy, and I would take turns running the place. Andy ran it during the mornings, and I ran it during the rest of the day. Bob was the cashier, and Leonard made the drinks. He was good, but he sometimes got a lot of complaints of how he made the drinks.

Pony 83: Hey, anda put too much ice in here Leonard.
Leonard: Fuck you!! I'm the Commissioner of the St. Foalis Police Department!!
Pony 83: So, what the hell are anda doing here?
Leonard: I got suspended. Just enjoy the fucking drink,...
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Six months later

Lewis: *Enters Leonard's office. He sees Leonard, and Bob sitting down in front of him* anda wanted to see me Leonard?
Leonard: Yes. Sit down selanjutnya to Bob.
Lewis: *Sits down* What's this about?
Bob: I don't know.
Leonard: I'll tell anda why you're here. A pony from Detrot mencuri fifty million dollars, worth of diamonds. He was trying to get on a plane to take him to Hawaii, but the airport there was closed. He kept on heading west, to try and get on board another plane at another airport, but each one he got to, was either too crowded, atau closed. So he ended up here, killed five of...
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Five days later at Vin De Set

Lewis: *With Bob, and Shawn*

When anda go to a place to have dinner, but end up having to go there for a drug bust, it usually puts anda in a foul mood. Today, it wasn't like that. If anda thought the meja tulis, meja clerk at the police station was hot, anda should have seen all of the mares hanging out at Vin De Set.

Bob: Hey, she's got a nice pair of eyes.
Shawn: They're bright enough to light up The Gateway Arch.

After our drug bust, we got some time to kill, and decided to spend it, on the mares. Or, that's what I thought at least.

Lewis: *Walking towards two hot mares*
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Reuses Saten's speech from SEASON 2, for when Saten explains his own childhood..


Saten: (confused) Mother!?.. I.. You.. How can?.. (shouts) WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

Maddy: Trixie Lulamoon was doing an performance at the town I was staying it.. She's certainly grown into an attractive young woman hadn't she?

Saten: Well... Yes, but what dose tha-

Maddy: I went to talk to her, asked if she remembered me.. Long story short she did.. But she wasn't too thrilled it.

Saten: D -Did anda hurt her!?

Maddy: What kind of pertanyaan is that?

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The police station

Lewis: *Walking with Bob, and Shawn, as they escort Benjamin to his cell*
Officer 88: What did this guy do?
Bob: He pulled a gun on an officer.
Benjamin: But he started it!
Shawn: Shut up! I didn't start anything!
Benjamin: He pulled the gun on me first!!
Shawn: Get the fuck in your cell!!!! *Pushes Benjamin into a cell* And get some tape to cover his mouth. We're leaving the cuffs on him.
Officer 88: Yes sir.

We were just gonna head back to The Silver Ballroom after bringing Ben in, but something caught our attention. The rear end of a mare so sexy, she could be on a playcolt magazine....
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The Silver Ballroom

Bevo, St. Foalis, July 9, 1996

It was 1 in the morning. Lewis, and Bob were sitting selanjutnya to each other at one end of the bar, and Benjamin Guarino was at the other end, with four of his friends.

Benjamin: Hey, how are anda two doing over there?
Lewis: Fine, fine.
Benjamin: Drinks all around.
Bartender: *Preparing drinks*
Benjamin: We're getting close to the end of the 20th Century. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!
Lewis: Yeah, the 21st Century is only a few years away.
Bartender: *Gives everypony their drinks*
Benjamin: Enjoy the drinks...
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I had a complaint about being too short.. So made this long..


Twilight: (shocked) The baby is an alicorn!?

Ditto: (there with Luna, cause there actually a couple now) Seems that way.

Rarity: But... But... But I thought Alicorn wings had to be earned oleh accomplishing some great, princess-worthy deed!?

Applejack: Yeah. How can anda just be born with 'em?

Celestia: The birth of an Alicorn is something Equestria has never seen!

Luna: Yes, it is beyond even our understanding.

Fluttershy: [hushed] That's not very reassuring.

Pinkie Pie: (typical...
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Lewis: *In tempat tidur with Mackenzie at night. They're both watching Die Hard*
Mackenzie: *Hears a noise from the floor below them* Did anda hear that?
Lewis: Somepony is downstairs. Wait here. *Leaves the bed, as he grabs a gun. He leaves the room, and goes downstairs*
Mackenzie: Be careful.
Lewis: *Goes downstairs, and sees four crooks wearing all black, including face masks. They're taking money out of a wallet* Freeze, SFPD!!
Crook: *Shoots Lewis with a tranquilizer*
Lewis: *Falls onto the ground*
Crooks: *Go upstairs*
Mackenzie: Lewis? *Gets out of the...
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Vin De Set, where Lewis meets Mackenzie

Shawn: *Walks in with Mackenzie, and another mare* Let's take this table. *Sits down with Mackenzie, and the other mare*
Mackenzie: Where's your friend?
Shawn: He's coming, just wait. *Sees Lewis* There he is.
Lewis: *Sits down*
Shawn: Lewis, this is the mare I was telling anda about, Mackenzie. Say hi to each other.
Lewis: Hello Mackenzie.
Mackenzie: Hello Lewis.
Waiter: *Arrives* What'll anda have?

We just stared at each other. Except for when the waiter was taking our orders. Mackenzie looked very beautiful, and my jantung was pounding ten times a second. Shawn...
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The waiter from the bar is with Leonard in his office

Waiter: anda gotta do something about Shawn. He drinks too much, and makes our bar a living hell for everypony.
Leonard: Well Shawn tells me that you're the one making it bad for everyone.
Waiter: I don't do a fucking thing to him. He's the one that ruins our business. He was being too loud one night, so I tell him to be quiet, but he pushes me onto the ground. That's police brutality.
Leonard: I don't like to hear those two words. I'll make anda a deal. Shawn won't be at your bar anymore, but anda gotta pay me.
Waiter: Pay you? For what?
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Pony: *Riding a motorcycle between two cars*

Moto Europa Motorcycle Shop, St. Foalis, September 18, 1989

Ponies from New Mexico moved into our town to sell stolen motorcycles. They would also steal some from Moto Europa, so me, Shawn, and Bob were put there to work undercover. For each pony we arrested for stealing one of the motorcycles, we got an extra grand in our paycheck. The police department was paying us 20 grand a week, but some of us felt like we could use the extra cash.

Lewis & Shawn: *Standing in front of the car in the picture...
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Saten: It's too bad that Carly girl didn't come.

Derby: She seemed kinda messed up in the head.

Saten: So?

Derby: We already have someone for that role.


Master Sword: hey Derpy, happy birthday.. Here's your present.

Derpy: Is that a head!?

Master Sword: (holding dead pony head) Yep, he shouldn't of touched my stuff!


Starlight: Are anda sure guys sure about this..

Saten: hey we're here for you.

Spike: Me tw-

Saten: (angrily) SHUT UP SPIKE!.. (calmly to Starlight) See, we're all friends here.

Starlight: Well, no offence Saten, but anda don't exactly build to my comfort.

Saten: Hey.....
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THE selanjutnya DAY:


Saten: Me?

Twilight: Yes.. Starlight really seems to like you, so anda can be the one to help Starlight find her old friend, Sunburst.

Saten: ... Can I bring Derpy?

Twilight: (giggles) of coarse anda can.. But Spike is going two, I don't have any jobs for him.

Saten: Fine, fine.

Twilight: Then it's settled! Shining Armor and I will head straight to the castle, and anda two can head straight to Sunburst's!

Spike: Aye-aye, Princess!

Starlight: [nervously] Uh-huh.

Twilight: (to Shining) Alright, big brother, let's go see this amazing baby pony!

Shining Armor: [snoring] Ahhh... the baby...
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Dad: *Mowing the lawn*
Leonard: *Stops his car near Lewis' dad, and gets out* Mr. Lee? I want to talk to you.
Dad: *Turns off the lawnmower, and runs away*
Leonard: *Flies, and lands in front of Lewis' dad* I don't think so. anda try to run away from an officer again, you'll be arrested. anda haven't broken the law, but your son wants to be with us. If being a cop is what he wants, anda let him have it. Understand?
Dad: I'll kill that worthless bastard.
Leonard: That's it. You're under arrest.
Lewis: *Watching from inside the house*

My dad threatened to...
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Since I was born in 1963, I had the interest of being a cop. I saw them on TV, saving ponies from danger, and that's what got me interested.


Glasgow Village, St. Foalis, 1981

Lewis: *Running out of his house*

I'd spend most of my time in Summer, running around town, trying to find these two detectives. My family lived in the Northern section of town, just selanjutnya to Interstate 270, near Chouteau Island. I just graduated from Riverview Gardens High School, and even though my parents wanted me to go to College, I had something else in mind.

Lewis: *Sees...
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