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Mini one shot story.. Using a scrpt from youtube's DICK FIGURES:

Saten and Sword arrive in Saten's hometown Fillydefia. oleh stagecoach.

Saten: Thanks for the drive Glaze.

Glaze Woodtoaster (driving stagecoach): Sure. (rides off)

Master Sword: Rrraaaagh, camp counselors?! This is gonna be the lamest job ever!

Saten Twist: Look, your the one saying we need a summer job.. Plus the money anda owe me.

Master Sword: I owe anda money?

(Whiteboard says:
Sword owes Saten: $11,271.33

Master Sword: Oh.. Right..

(Time lapse. They arrive at Camp Redwood, from Saten's town Fillydefia)

Saten Twist:: Huh, man, being back at camp is bringing back some good memories.

(Flashback to Camp Redwood during their childhood. Saten is tied to a pohon while an jeruk, orange pony and berwarna merah muda, merah muda pony hit him with sticks.)

Young Saten: (crying) I wanna go home! (Continues crying)

Young Reggie: (laughs) Quit cryin', ya little bitch! (Kicks a football at Saten's face.) HA!

Saten Twist (wide eyed): Good, times.

(Time lapse. Saten holds a clipboard.)

Saten Twist: All right, let's see what on the schedule: Fishing, bird-watching, wood-car- (Sword slaps away the clipboard)

Master Sword: We don't need rules! CAMP ANARCHY!


(Saten teaches his group how to cast a fishing rod line)

(Sword orders a member of his side to use dynamite, and he makes the kid throw a bomb at the lake which kills the fish)

Master Sword: Good job.


(Saten and the kids uses binoculars to bird watch)

(Sword continues teaching the kids to use dynamite, as he makes a boy throw a bomb at the bird.)

(Nighttime in the tent, Saten tucks in a purple filly).

Purple girl: Camp Counselor Saten, you're the best.

Saten: No, your the best! Your all the best!.. Haha, goodnight.

(Indian musik plays, Sword and the kids have black war stripes on their faces. He a loaded gun to a berwarna merah muda, merah muda pony.

Sword: Tonight, anda become a man.

berwarna merah muda, merah muda Pony: But I'm a girl.

Sword: A MAN!

(The girl whimpers.)

Big foot appears.

Bigfoot: BIGFOOT! (laughs evilly)

(At the same time) Saten: Sasquatch?! Sword: Donkey Kong!

Bigfoot: Ya! Bigfoot yaaaaaa! (Tries to get inside Saten's tent)

Sword: Pfff, I got this (Robotic voice) CAMPERS! ROLL OUT!


(The kids are seen beating Bigfoot, who is tied to a tree. Saten comes in with a bat.)

Saten (looking sympathetic, as he remembered his childhood): I'm so sorry. Huh ahh! (Cries while beating him with a bat) Huh, no! Ugh, I'm sorry!

Master Sword: (happy sighs) Camp is great.

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 The fun has been doubled!
The fun has been doubled!
These are some of the kutipan I remember. Enjoy!

It needs to be about 20% cooler. -Rainbow Dash

Oh, it is ON! -Rarity

The fun has been doubled! -Luna

I'd like to be a tree... -Fluttershy

Aw, make sense? What fun is there in making sense? -Discord

Come on everypony. I want to see anda smile! -Pinkie

I didn't put those in my bag! -Bon Bon

But I want it NOW! -Applebloom

What are you, a dictionary!? -Scootaloo

I hate library! -Pinkie

You're...GOING TO cinta ME! -Fluttershy

What are you, a SNITCH? - Babs

Good boy, Angel. Mama's proud of you. -Fluttershy

What's soaking wet and clueless? YOUR FACE! -Fluttershy

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There's long been rumors as to how, exactly, rainbows are made in Equestria. While a great amount of Pegasi ponies are employed in the pelangi department of the weather factory, almost all of them do the low-end work. What's know is that great streams of Spectra, the individual colours of the rainbow, flow through large grates and into vast vats. From there, workers carefully and equally mix the spectra into the coagulated pelangi pools that dot and run through the factory and surrounding city. Next, that mixture is pumped to the floor below, where other employees atomize it and store it until...
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