Twilight Sparkle: Ahem? anda just decided to skip our makan malam without telling me? Are anda aware that, at this very moment, Princess Celestia is waiting for anda at a meja with exquisite silverware placement?!

Starlight Glimmer: Yes, but—

Twilight Sparkle: This is exactly why I didn't want anda to make friends with Trixie.

Trixie: A-ha! anda still don't trust me! But guess what, princess? It doesn't matter if anda want to give me a detik chance atau not. Starlight had to choose between anda and me, and she chose me! Your pupil chose me, so ha! I win!

Saten Twist: (in head) I wish she didn't say it that way.

Starlight Glimmer (hurt): anda win? This was only to get back at Twilight!?

Trixie: Exactly! [beat] Wait! I mean, no! I got caught up in the moment. I like you. Beating Twilight is just a bonus. [gasps] Saying that didn't help, did it?

Starlight (in tears): I should've known. Nobody in Ponyville wanted to be my friend. Why would you? [runs off sobbing]

Trixie: Wait, it's not like that! I am your friend. [groans]... (pauses)

Twilight (angrily): Well, anda won. I hope you're happy!

Trixie: [sadly] Looks like the Great and Powerful Trixie is back to a solo show.

Saten: I'm sorry Trixie..

Trixie attempts to play it off, but it's clear she's really depressed, and she rudely kicks Twilight out. Even (more nicely) tells Saten to leave two. She wants to be alone.

Saten (sarcastic clapping): Oh bravo Twilight! Bravoooooo

Twlight (annoyed): Oh shut up Sat-

Saten (angrily): No anda shut up, bitch!

Twilight: Excuse me!?


Twilight: It wasn't my fault.

Saten: YES IT WAS! I told anda to leave them alone! But anda were too god damn stubborn!.. Now the other cute girl, is also upset!

Twilight: … I'll make it right.

Saten: anda BETTER! (starts flying off)

Twilight: Where are anda going?

Saten: I need to be alone for a bit! (leaves).


Kid Saten steals a bir out of curiousity, while his parents are violently fighting in the background. lebih out of curiousity than anything he tries a sip just as Saten's father walks in, and sees Saten react negatively to the taste.

Saten's dad: HEY!

Saten: Dad, I'm sorry, I-

Saten dad: No.. If your gonna steal.. At least finish it.

Saten: But dad, I don't want t-

Saten's dad: FINISH IT!

Scared, Saten takes a bg drink. But he can't do it. He can't drink it.

Saten's dad: Pathetic. Can't even finish a beer!

Saten: A -Are anda punishing me for stealing?

Saten's dad: I'm punishing anda for being alive! anda and your mother are pathetic!

Saten (timedly): I know dad.

Saten's dad: Might as well get use to that drink.. Your just gonna be alcholic.. It's a curse to the family.

Saten (timedly): I know dad.

Saten's dad: Anyway.. I need to lay down.. Go do youur chores.

Saten: Yes dad.. (takes another sip).


Bartender: Sir.. SIR!

Saten (having droaned out): Huh, what?

Bartender: I said, what would anda like?

Saten: I... anda know what.. I'll just have a water.

Bartender: If anda insist (gives him a water).

Saten: (drinks from it, when Twilight runs in).

Twilight: Saten! We might still have hope.. We can rebuild Starlight and Trixie.

Saten: Hmm.. Maybe.. But WE weren't reponsible.. Only you.

Twilight: I... Okay, fair enough.. But I'm trying Saten.. Just wanted anda to know I'm trying.

Saten: Well.. Good.. lebih than my dad ever did.

Twilight: What?

Saten: Nothing, forget I berkata anything.. Better hurry off.

Twilight: Will do.. (runs back out).