As Trixie shows Starlight to her wagon, Twilight appears to give Starlight friend alternatives, including Glaze, Vinyl, and lemon Heart. Offended oleh Twilight's distrust and undue concern, Starlight says she wants to make friends on her own, and she storms off.

Twilight tries to chase her. But Saten Twist flies over, in one of his lebih serious moments, he expresses anger at her for trying to give Starlight alternatives to Trixie.

Tilight: Saten, please, this is seriou-

Saten: I mean it Twilight! If anda upset her, I'l-

Twilight: But I just think tha-

Saten: Trixie has a lot of trouble fitting in. Your not making it any easier for her!

Twilight: I..

Saten: Just leave them alone! (flies off).

Twilight pauses there.

Starlight and Trixie discuss Trixie's upcoming show, and Trixie seeks to perform the "Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive", a dangerous magic trick previously only pulled off oleh pony magician Hoofdini. She is nervous about attempting the trick oleh herself, but Starlight offers to be her stage assistant, giving her lebih confidence. Unfortunately, Trixie's tampil falls on the same evening as Twilight's makan malam party with Princess Celestia, leaving Starlight with a difficult choice.

At the kastil, castle of Friendship, Celestia arrives for Twilight's makan malam party, but Starlight Glimmer has yet to arrive. Twilight tries to pass off Glaze, Vinyl, and lemon jantung as Starlight's new friends, but Celestia is unconvinced. Desperate to salvage the evening, Twilight goes looking for Starlight.

Twilight reaches Saten in his apartment room, Derpy sleeping in hers. Saten telling her to keep quite cause of this, saying she's a little hung over.

Twilight, quitely, but impatently, asks Saten where Trixie is. Eventually he gives in and tells her they are in backstage of what would later be Trixie's stage.

Saten: I thought I told yo-

Intrurrupting him, Twilight brings a reluntante Saten along.

Saten: I wonder if I should marry Tri-

Twilight: Not now Saten!

Saten: Whatever.