Twilight is seen pacing back and forth.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm trying Saten.I'm trying to be open minded.. But your girlfriend still isn't someone I trust.

Saten (puts drops in his bloodshot eyes from the weed): Well.. Just promise anda won't interfer.. Now aren't we suppose to inviting your gang for dinner?

Twilight: Oh. Right.. Thanks for the reminder.

Saten: Hey, without the boes, I'm smarter than people think.


Starlight and Trixie out in the open.

ceri, cherry Berry and Goldengrape: [unintelligible whispering] ...did anda see...?

[unintelligible whispering of varous ponies]

Trixie: Everyone always says they'll give anda a detik chance, but deep down, they never forget..

Starlight Glimmer: That's what I'm worried about.

Trixie: [sighs]

Starlight Glimmer: What is it?

Trixie: I heard what Twilight berkata about me, and she's right. I wasn't very nice.. Saten, Derpy, and Glaze rubbed off on me in that way as well.. So I'd understand if anda didn't want to be friends.

Starlight Glimmer: Are anda kidding?! You're the first pony I've met who has any idea how I feel! Except Saten, (playfully) but I don't really get what anda see in him.

Trixie: I was bullied at school.. He stood up for me. I never forgot that.. Thought it meant something.. Turns out it didn't. He liked AppleJack.. But after I told him how I felt about him, he felt so guilty about hurting my feelings, that he dated me anyway.. Tuns out it worked for the best.

Starlight: Yeah..

Trixie: Want to help me unpack my wagon?

Starlight: Of coarse.