Notes: The My Little pony franchise and the batman franchise are not owned and created oleh me. This is a story for both this website and This story is dedicated to Adam West and Cesar Romero.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends were getting ready for Discord's birthday party. Twilight berkata "It's amazing how Discord used be 1 of our arch enemies and now he's 1 of our arch friends."

Fluttershy berkata "You're right. Discord seemed evil, but he turned out to be a gentleman."

pelangi Dash berkata "Yeah right."

Pinkie Pie berkata "At least Discord's funny."

Rarity shook her head and berkata "Discord's hardly funny, but at least he has John de Lancie's eloquent voice."

The ponies put up the birthday banner and decorations.

Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake delivered Discord's birthday cake.

Twilight Sparkle berkata "This cake should be much better than your sebelumnya cake."

Mr. Cake nervously berkata "I'm sorry about selling anda a cake from 2007. I thought that quality taste lasts forever."

applejack berkata "It seems like everything's ready."

Twilight Sparkle berkata "The guests will be here soon."

Spike arrived and berkata "Hi girls."

Twilight Sparkle berkata "It seems like anda arrived late to avoid helping us prepare."

Spike berkata "I got better things to do than be helpful."

Meanwhile The Joker was being chased oleh Batman. The Joker was nervous, but he remained in a jokey mood. He berkata "It appears I have joked away Batman's sanity. I better get out of here. Ha, ha, ha!" Joker was nearby Canterlot High. He accidentally bumped into the portal to Equestria. The Joker berkata "This is lebih than a mirror. It's a portal. It's time to joke around with whoever lives there. Ha, ha, ha!" The Joker went inside.

Various guests arrived. Eventually Discord arrived too. Discord berkata "I'm here."

Twilight Sparkle berkata "Welcome Discord. I hope that anda enjoy your birthday party."

Discord berkata "I'm sure I will enjoy it as long as anda didn't mess things up like usual." Discord looked around and berkata "It's nice."

Fluttershy berkata "Thank goodness."

Discord berkata "However it feels lacking."

Twilight Sparkle berkata "What are anda talking about?"

Discord berkata "Well the party has guests, presents, and other stuff, but it lacks chaos."

Twilight Sparkle berkata "Why would your party need chaos?"

Discord berkata "Because I cinta chaos. anda wouldn't understand. Ponies like anda take away the fun in life oleh being so serious. Where is the birthday party clown?"

Suddenly the Joker walked by. Discord berkata "The birthday party party clown has finally arrived."

The Joker was surprised oleh the ponies and Discord, but he was amused oleh it. The Joker berkata "Yes. I'm the birthday party clown. Ha, ha, ha!"

Twilight Sparkle berkata "But I didn't hire a clown. Did anda hire him Pinkie Pie?"

Pinkie Pie berkata "No, but he seems cool."

The Joker berkata "Indeed. I'm very cool. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord shook the Joker's hand and berkata "I'm Discord. I cinta chaos and this is my birthday."

The Joker berkata "I'm the Joker, the best clown of all time. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord berkata "Well Mr. Joker I need some humor."

The Joker patted Discord on the head and berkata "Don't worry my fellow wacko. There will be so much chaos going around that crazy will be the new normal. Ha, ha, ha!"

The Joker walked up to Twilight Sparkle and berkata "Hi Batgirl. Ha, ha, ha!"

Twilight Sparkle was confused. She berkata "Why did anda call me that?"

The Joker berkata "I'm sorry to confuse anda Bubbles. Ha, ha, ha!"

The Joker walked up to Pinkie Pie and berkata "Hello Thumb Pie. Ha, ha, ha!"

The Joker pointed to pelangi Dash and berkata "There's the only one I know that's faster than the Flash. Ha, ha, ha!"

The Joker berkata "Rarity anda remind me of my sidekick Harley Quinn."

Rarity berkata "Why?"

The Joker berkata "Because anda both think that you're better looking than anda actually are. Ha, ha, ha!" Rarity smacked the Joker. The Joker berkata "It seems like anda forgot to go to Manners School. Ha, ha, ha!"

Spike berkata "I'm not liking the clown."

The Joker stepped on Spike's tail and berkata "I don't like pointless characters like you. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord laughed so hard and berkata "I cinta this guy. He's amazing."

The Joker berkata "Yes. I'm the Larry Storch of this generation. Ha, ha, ha!"

Twilight Sparkle berkata "We don't know who that is."

The Joker sighed and berkata "I hate young ponies. Ha, ha, ha! Anyways I have a special magic trip for anda ponies." The Joker pointed to a giant cage and berkata "I want anda 6 ponies to go into that cage. Then I will use my magic to make anda disappear."

Rarity angrily berkata "You expect us to go into that unfashionable cage?"

Twilight Sparkle berkata "It's just a quick magic trick."

applejack berkata "Fine."

The 6 ponies went inside the cage. The Joker locked the cage.

Pinkie Pie berkata "Are anda going to make us disappear now?"

The Joker berkata "Actually I'm going to take anda with me to the real world and sell you. It's not a magic trick. It's a plain trick. Ha, ha, ha!"

Twilight Sparkle berkata "Why would anda sell us?"

The Joker berkata "You 6 ponies are worth loads of money. Talking ponies with powers is great enough. However anda will be worth the most Twilight Sparkle, because you're a princess. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord nervously berkata "Are anda actually going to sell the 6 ponies?"

The Joker berkata "Of course I will. They are worth so much cash."

Discord thought about what to do. He berkata "Can anda at least release Fluttershy?"

The Joker shook his head and berkata "I'm sorry Discord, but she's worth too much."

Discord angrily berkata "Then I must stop anda Joker."

The Joker berkata "It's impossible to defeat me. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord tried to meninju, pukulan the Joker, but he missed. Discord berkata "Can anda stay put so I can meninju, pukulan you?"

The Joker berkata "I would cinta to do that, but I have lots of stuff to do. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord jumped on the Joker. The Joker used a taser to hurt Discord. Discord berkata "You hurt me."

The Joker berkata "That's wonderful. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord used his power to lift up the cage. Discord berkata "It appears that anda can't take away the ponies now anda weird looking fool."

The Joker angrily berkata "I demand anda to let the cage come back to the ground."

Discord smiled and berkata "Okay." Discord stopped lifting the cape up. The cage almost fell on the Joker.

The Joker berkata "That jokes has been used so many times that I managed to avoid falling for it. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord berkata "It seems like I'll have to defeat anda in a lebih simple way." Discord picked up the Joker and threw him far away.

The Joker screamed "I'm so mad at anda ponies and Discord. Ha, ha, ha!"

Twilight Sparkle berkata "Thank anda for saving us Discord. You're a bigger hero than I thought anda were."

Discord berkata "The only problem is that I don't have the key to the cage."

batman handed Discord the key and snuck away.

applejack berkata "Who was that mysterious person?"

Rarity berkata "I think it was Ben Affleck."

Twilight Sparkle berkata "Discord I'm sorry that your birthday party wasn't fun."

Discord laughed and berkata "This is the most entertaining birthday party that I have ever had. Lets go party. Dance with me Fluttershy."

Fluttershy blushed and berkata "Okay Discord."

Discord and the ponies partied for hours. It was the most fun and chaotic birthday party of the year.