It's time to discuss the greatest film series ever. The My Little pony Equestria Girls has 4 films and it's time to review them all.

Equestria Girls review

Summary: pony Twilight Sparkle goes to the human dimension to get her princess crown. She becomes friends with human versions of her friends and they team up to stop Sunset Shimer.

Review: My favorit Equestria Girls film. Twilight's my favorit character and this film lets her shine. The jokes about her being a human are hilarious. Her friends work better in this film, because they hog less screen time. All of the characters are decent atau better, even Flash is a pretty good character. The film is cute, amusing, exciting, and tons of film. 10 out of 10!

pelangi Rocks

Summary: Sunset Shimmer has stopped being a villain and is helping Twilight and her friends stop the new villains: the Dazzlings. The Dazzlings are taking over the school and it's up to Twilight and the others to stop the Dazzlings.

Review: Not nearly as wonderful as the first film, because of Twilight's friends getting lebih screen time. However Twilight is still the best and Sunset is a really good hero. The Dazzlings are kind of boring, but at least Trixie's villain. I'm not sure what score to give this film, but despite its problems I really enjoy it.

Friendship Games

Summary: It's time for Sunset and her friends to gabung the Friendship Games. The human Twilight is there who's helping a villainous principal cause trouble.

Review: Much better than pelangi Rocks. This film is mostly focused on Twilight and Sunset which is awesome. The new Twilight is nearly as lovable as the regular Twilight. Principal Abacus Cinch is my favorit Equestria Girls villain. She's a cool and entertaining villain. Another 10 out of 10!

Legend of Everfree

Summary: Twilight, Sunset, and the others go to a camp. The main heroes each get a power which is helpful so they can defeat a new villain.

Review: Not as awesome as the first and third films, but there's plenty of good qualities. Twilight and Sunset are really good main characters. The new characters aren't that good, but they're okay. There's a subplot involving Diamond Tiara's dad which is not good, but that's a small problem. This film isn't perfect, but it's a good film.

The animasi and Songs: The 4 films have good looking animasi that's great to look at it. The songs are the best. Nearly every song is a delightfully catchy experience.

Overall: This film series is awesome. It has great characters as well as lovely animasi and catchy songs.