Ok, yet another artikel that may atau may not go into the recycle bin titled "may finish later," in which I shamelessly rip off the probable 15 menit of hard work another fan put into their "episodic" series. Sorry, plazma, but this one's mine.

Pardon any mistakes atau errors I make, because I have done zero research in the spirit of what literally anyone else on this site would do atau not do.

I'm not sure on the demographic of this, but i've seen some divisive hate in the direction of newly-redeemed villain Starlight Glimmer. While I can't say I don't sympathize with the points and reasoning of those that share in the hate, I can at least argue against it.

First off, the M.O. of the tampil i'm ripping off, why the hate? That answer's simple, really: Her reformation and how they handled it.

Many points bring up that her backstory is weak and her reformation was rushed.
Now I can hear some truly rational folks reason,"Her friend moved away because a cutie mark? That's it? really? Nothing tragic like some government plot that could have forced her to use her special cutie mark magic for the sake of covert ops?" I sympathize wholly with that statement in particular.
However, that kind of story, no matter how potentially badass, would probably have not run well with a kid's tampil atau would have been an even worse idea than what they rolled with. Not to mention the backstory of a lost best friend, as we've seen, opens up a bit of character interaction for later.

Others say that the reform seemed unnecessary and unnatural for a pony that seemed to be lebih of a rival for twilight than even trixie (sorry-not-sorry to any trixie fan out there).
Honestly, though, with the amount of time they were diberikan and had available, can anda really blame them?
"Yes!" I can hear anda say. Some people probably lebih reasonable and smart than I am would reason that they could have devoted lebih time earlier in the season to a lebih gradual and natural reformation.
I would agree with them. However, my personal opinion is that the adventure arc leading into a reformation into a new side/main character was satisfactory enough to win my approval.

I for one welcome and adore the addition of Starlight Glimmer to the main cast. My opinion is that her insight on magic, especially on the inherent magic of cutie marks (juicy unknown knowledge!) could open new doors to theory and fiction.

What are your thoughts on Starlight Glimmer? Do anda think her reformation went well; atau do anda think she doesn't deserve a spot in the main cast? Which fan will I shamelessly rip off next? Will I ever find coherent thoughts in my own statements? Let me know in the comments!