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As the group of heroes made it upstairs, Sean had a plan.

Sean: Charmy, anda go with Knuckles, and find two boats for us.
Charmy: anda got it.
Knuckles: We'll go find them for you. *Flies off the perahu with Charmy*
Sean: Dash, take these. *Gives her time bombs* Put these around the hall. Vector, and Mighty, anda go with her.
Vector: Roger.
Sean: The rest of anda on me. *Walks towards Sonic*

pelangi Dash was planting one bomb on a wall, when Twilight appeared.

Twilight: Well well well, look who we have here.
pelangi Dash: Twilight Sparkle. You're still working for Eggman?
Twilight: Fuck yeah man, and if you're smart, you'll gabung me.
pelangi Dash: I'll never gabung you. *Flies forward, and tackles Twilight* Set the rest of the explosives. I'll handle Twilight.
Vector: Got it.
Mighty: Let's go this way. *Turns around, and carries the rest of the explosives with Vector*
pelangi Dash: *Pushes Twilight onto an outside section of the boat*
Twilight: *Punches pelangi Dash*
pelangi Dash: *Spits blood into Twilight's face, and pushes her head into a wall*
Twilight: *Loses her horn* You-
pelangi Dash: *Punches Twilight again*
Twilight: *Punches pelangi Dash's right eye*
pelangi Dash: Ah! *Falls down*

Twilight gave pelangi Dash a black eye.

Twilight: *Puts a hoof on pelangi Dash's belly*
pelangi Dash: Ow.
Twilight: Man, anda ain't eva gonna beat me!
pelangi Dash: Twilight, you're making a big mistake. You're working for a man that wants us dead. He had some soldiers kill Celestia, and Luna.
Twilight: No pelangi Dash. I killed Celestia, and Luna.
pelangi Dash: *Shocked* no.. No, anda wouldn't do that. *Angry* They loved anda lebih than anything!!
Twilight: I find that statement to be bullshit. I had fun slaughtering them.
pelangi Dash: *Crying* So it's true. anda did kill them.
Twilight: Yes, and now I'm going to kill you.
pelangi Dash: *Struggling to break free*
Twilight: anda cannot escape. There's nowhere for anda to run.
pelangi Dash: *Breaks free, and flies away from Twilight*
Twilight: *Chases her*

They flew towards the puncak, atas of the boat.

Nazis: Intruders.
pelangi Dash: *Takes an MP40 from one of the Nazis, and shoots them both. She then shoots Twilight*
Twilight: *Falls onto a lower section of the boat*

2 B Continued
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A while ago, I made a daftar on my cutest characters. Now I made a daftar on the prettiest.


This is pretty much my opinion on the prettiest characters. This daftar may atau may not surprise you


10) Applejack

9) Rarity

8) Gilda

7) pelangi Dash

6) Twilight Sparkle

5) Trixie

4) Fluttershy

3) Princess Celesta

2) Zecora

1) Princess Luna
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Just the Japanese version of the Smile song remix from Smile HD.
pinkie pie
smile song
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