Anyone remember the days of how this club- no, this WEBSITE- used to be? I do. I remember it as a place full of great people, ideas, and extravagant conversation.

It was also full of assholes, trolls, conflict, and arguments.

But was that bad? Nah, not really. I like conflict. Can't be a sword without being forged in flame, amirite? Hardships make the soul stronger.

And, unlike how the club is now, it's not so BORING.
I mean really, coming back to the site as it is now, I fully realize why I left in the first place.

This place is so BORING. I mean, maybe it's because i've grown intellectually over time, but nothing here is stimulating me intellectually. Every time a potential conflict is brought up, it's snuffed out immediately, as if it was never going to happen. and that's so BORING.

I feel I should be partially to blame for this, I guess. There were a few cases where conflict was almost sparked and I intentionally snuffed it out, because I didn't want anyone to go through the bullshit of a week-long argument that used to be on a regular basis in the old days.

And I realized just now that there's really no fun in that. This place is so dry, you'd think that it was an African server atau something. It's like a burger- it's not tasty without substance atau spice.

The old days where arguments were rampant, those were fun. I actually started my first relationship because of a troll, anda know. Didn't end well, but that's water on the bridge, I guess.

And these days I feel like there's an air of ignorance on this club. It's like no one here knows anything OTHER than the club.

And I'm about to insult a big portion of the club, so get ready to hate me in

Oh my god, this has always been a problem, I know, but the FANFICTIONS here are soooo stupid!

I only read the first page at a time, to see if it's still a thing, but oh my god it is.
There's no descriptive detail. At all. It's written like a bunch of amateurs would write out RPGs in Habbo Hotel (basically none of anda are going to understand that, so I'm just gonna give an example).
Here's how an rpg on habbo hotel would've gone (this example is from a pokemon rpg room)

btpoke: *I use thunderbolt*
btpoke: *it's a hit*
aerowing64: *I dodge it*
aerowing64: Oh sh*t, I didn't type fast enough to dodge it.

Now did anda notice anything about that example?
That it didn't exactly seem all that appealing? well, it wasn't, but we acted like it was.


Every single action is written out with a basic text like *twilight pokes rainbow*



In a fit of rage, and glowing red with anger, btflash grabs the nearest bookshelf with his powerful, enriched, and totally not fictional muscles. Rippling with power, btflash picks up the bookshelf and throws it towards the nearest wall. The dinding and the bookshelf each explode in a clash of wood and plaster, bringing down the fragile ceiling where the supporting beam once was.

"I can't believe I had to destroy a dinding AND a bookshelf just to prove a point." Btflash said, while wiping his hand across his sweat-stained brow.


Descriptive. Detail. It adds flair to an otherwise dry and boring story.

And onto my final point. Grimdark shit.
I don't give a shit about it.
It's ok in my mind, but I don't go out of my way to give a shit about it.

That is all. btflash out.