oleh this point Twilight had blacked out from pain/fear/shock all together.

But suddenly, Pinkamena stabbed an aderaline needle into Twilight, making her instantly wake up, her jantung racing.

Pinkamena: (uncharacteristically angry) Goodness Twiliy. Didn't anybody teach anda manners!?.. It's rude to fall asleep when I'm trying to spend talk to you!.. I was so excited when I saw anda were next. anda could be telling all our secrets and stuff. But NOOOOO, anda keep falling alseep!.. I mean, anda don't see coming to "your" and falling asleep in a middle of when your talking to me.. I seen fouls last longer then anda Twilight!.. Your suppose to be tough, your a princess!.. I mean, thought anda could handle ANYTHING!?.. But I seen foals last longer then you!.. Do I have to baby you.. Is that how 'princess' Twilight wants to be rememebered!?.. As a BABY!?

Twi: Well.. That's what happens when anda rip out my wings. And also of my lungs!..

Pinkamena: Don't be a baby.. Ponies can servive without one of their lungs.. I mean. Don't anda watch tv!?

Twi: P Please Pinkie.. Please let me go.. I, I want to go home.

Pinkamena: I would cinta to let anda go.. I mean. I probably already got all that I need.. But I'm also not stupid.. If I let anda go. Your just run straight to the Ditto and the rest of the police, and tell them I drugged anda and held anda in my basement.

Twi: No I- Wait? This is your baseme-

Pinkamena: Besides.. I can't tell anda how many times I want to just say "I'm done with this mess" and go to bed.. But this is my job Twiliy.. My responsablility!.. anda off all people shoud know the importance of responsablilities.. I mean.. This is how it has to be Twilight.. EIther way.. It was nice knowing anda Twilight... Good bye.

Twi: Wha-

Suddenly Pinkamena, with one quick motion, slit Twilight's neck, and Twilight died within only a few seconds.

Pinkamena: (has to look away from the sight of Twilight dying).. God damn sometimes I HATE this job.