Location: Cheyenne Wyoming
Date: September 6, 1958
Time: 11:11 AM
Railroad: Union Pacific

The train that Hawkeye was on stopped at Cheyenne's train station.

Hawkeye: *Walks off the train, and sees it leaving the station*
Pete: *In his office with Stylo, and Gordon* Stylo, I need anda to get a freight train into Denver. Every person needs oil to keep the electricity in their homes going, but so far, they're nearly out.
Stylo: I'm on it.
Pete: Gordon, remember that hospital oleh the station anda drove your passenger train to in Omaha yesterday?
Gordon: I, think so.
Pete: Well they're running out of penicillin, and they need us to get it to them. Your train is going to stop at the station to refuel. As it does that, anda will get on board, and take over from there.
Gordon: Got it.
Pete: Okay anda two, you're dismissed.

As Hawkeye got towards Pete's office, Stylo, and Gordon walked by.

Stylo: Excuse me. *Walks past Hawkeye*
Gordon: *Pushes Hawkeye out of the way* pindah it poopyhead.
Hawkeye: Poopyhead? *To the reader* And this is supposed to be rated at least PG-13. Even thought no one berkata any swear words yet.
Pete: *Walks out of his office* Who the fuck are anda talking to?
Hawkeye: Never mind.
Pete: What are anda talking about?
Hawkeye: Somepony pushed me out of his way, and called me a poopyhead.
Pete: Don't say that. We are in a fanfic that is being created for adults.
Hawkeye: Forgive me. I just wanted to apply for a job here.
Pete: Okay. I'm sure I can get anda a job.

Meanwhile in the pony world, San Franciscolt.

Metal Gloss: *At a hotel on the telephone*
Pete: *In his office at Cheyene's train station, and picks up the phone ringing in his office* Hello, Union Pacific's Cheyenne train station. Pete Reimer speaking.
Metal Gloss: Pete? Something terrible happened.
Pete: What?
Metal Gloss: Pierce is dead.
Pete: What?!
Metal Gloss: I berkata Pierce is-
Pete: I know what anda said, but it gave me the impulse to ask.
Metal Gloss: I'm really scared.
Pete: How did it happen?
Metal Gloss: We were on the Golden Neigh Bridge. He got shot, and fell off, but I think I saw him disappear when he landed in a barge.
Pete: A barge?
Metal Gloss: Yeah. It had this mirror, and it looked like Hawkeye disappeared just as soon as he was about to land on it.
Pete: I think I know what happened. Don't leave San Fran, I'm coming to help. I should be at the airport oleh seven hours. Meet me there.
Metal Gloss: I will. Bye.
Pete: Bye. *Hangs up, and sighs* Pierce, Pierce, Pierce. I can't believe this happened to you.

Back at the human world, Hawkeye was still in Pete's office discussing his job.

Pete: Okay, let me get this straight. anda used to work on the Delaware & Hudson, and signed some papers to quit that railway, to come work here. However, the papers got lost, and anda can't find them.
Hawkeye: 100% correct.
Pete: I don't know. anda seem really determined to do a good job, but I don't want to risk anda crashing any of my trains, and hurting anyone.
Hawkeye: I'll do the complete opposite of that.
Pete: I'm sure anda will. However, it's mandatory that anda spend two days of on the job training on becoming an engineer.
Hawkeye: Who do I work with?
Pete: Metal Gloss. She's a light grey girl with yellow eyes, and her hair is two tones of grey. I'll send a telegraph to the trainyard, informing Metal Gloss to meet anda oleh the yard tower.
Hawkeye: Okay. I'll head over there now. *Leaves office, and begins walking to the train yard* i wonder what my special somepony will look like as a human.

2 B Continued