[Back in Ponyville]
Twilight returned from the Royal Sisters' castle. "Spike!!! SPIKE!". Twilight called out. Twilight slowly starts walking meneruskan, ke depan when she saw Spike asleep under a bunch of fallen books. Twilight giggled quietly and whispered. "Aww...he's so cute when he's asleep". Twilight quietly tiptoed over to a high shelf and placed the book on historical events on the royal sisters.
Twilight headed outside her kastil, castle when Pinkie Pie came galloping up to her. "Twi!". Pinkie berkata excitedly. "Guess what?!". Pinkie was hyper as usual. "What?". Twilight was really not in the mood for Pinkie's antics. "Cheese!". Pinkie squealed at the thought and started blushing. "What your hungry atau something?" Twilight looked annoyed. Pinkie grabbed her face and stared her in the eyes. "No silly! He's my kuda jantan muda, colt friend!". "What?!" Twilight pulled away and looked at her with shock and envy. "Yup! Cheese sandwich is the best pony ever!". Pinkie Pie started blushing even more. "That's great Pinkie". Twilight sarcastically stated and then rolled her eyes. "Alright, I gotta go now. Cheese is gonna take me to lunch. So bye!". Pinkie bounced off happily. Twilight thought, "Great. Now we got Ms. Party Planner with her new boyfriend Mr. Party Planner". Twilight groaned. Then she berkata to herself, "I wish I had a boyfriend...". Her ears flopped down and her eyes started tearing up.
Twilight was in Ponyville park sitting on a bench looking sad. Fluttershy was trotting around and humming her favorit song. She noticed Twilight was sad. "Twilight? What's wrong?" Fluttershy gently placed her hoof on Twilight's back. "Huh? Fluttershy...No! I'm fine!". Twilight wiped some tears from her face and quickly got up from the bench and stood up. "Really! I am!". Fluttershy wasn't buying it. "Twilight...there's something wrong and I wanna know what it is". Fluttershy looked her straight in the eyes trying to give her "The Stare". "Fluttershy! I'm fine". Twilight wasn't fine. She was actually quite miserable. "Twilight, anda can tell me anything, I'm your friend". Fluttershy placed a reassuring hoof on Twilight. Twilight sighed. "Alright, the truth is...I-I wish I had a b-boyfriend". Twilight stuttered out. Fluttershy started biting the inside of her cheeks. This was a tough problem. "A boyfriend?". Fluttershy smiled at her. "Is that all?" Fluttershy asked her. "Um...yes...". Twilight started turning red. "I might be able to help". Fluttershy looked up at the sky.
[In the Crystal Empire]
Flash was thinking about what to do for the rest of the week. "Should I stay here in the Empire? atau should I go to another town for the week" he thought. Flash was pacing around similar to the way Twilight paces. "Well. If I were to go to another town which one? So many towns" he thought. "Canterlot, Manehatten, Appleloosa, Baltimare, Ponyville..." he thought. The thought of Ponyville kept returning. "Ponyville...Ponyville...Ponyville..." it just kept coming back. He couldn't stop thinking about going to Ponyville. He wondered. "What's so special about Ponyville?!". Then this thought came up. "Twilight..." He blushed red at the thought. "It can't be! I don't even know the princess that well, let along even crush on her". Flash kept blushing. "I don't like the princess...even though she's the most beautiful mare I've ever seen". Flash couldn't believe himself. He liked the princess. "No!". Flash berkata out loud. "I don't like her...I l-love her". Hearing those word out of his mouth made the cheeks on his face hot. Luckily, nobody was there so nobody heard him which would of been embarrassing to him. He made up his mind. He was going to Ponyville for the week.