After the power outage, and sabotage caused oleh Parcival, Pinkie Pie tried calling M.I.3 again.

Pinkie Pie: *Waiting for response*
German Commander: Pinkie Pie? What happened?
Pinkie Pie: The power went out, and somepony nearly killed me.
German Commander: Are anda alright?
Pinkie Pie: Yes. 0007 made sure of that.
German Commander: Fenix has always told me good things about that agent of yours. Now, what did anda want from us again?
Pinkie Pie: I wanted information on Ice Cube, her alicorn army, and their whereabouts.
German Commander: The last time we got any info on them was when they ended up in Los Angeles. It's possibly they might still be there, and they'll start bringing weapons to ISIS.
Pinkie Pie: We can't allow that.
German Commander: Speaking of ISIS, we've made plans to attack them with tanks. We'll get Fenix Lighter, and Rain Bouvier to help Mane with taking down Ice Cube, if anda allow him to help us take down a part of ISIS near Europe.
Pinkie Pie: Permission granted.
German Commander: Danke. Auf weidersehen. *Hangs up*
Waitress: *Brings hotdog to commander*
German Commander: I told you, no sauerkraut!

Back in Canterlot..

Con: *Enjoying a BLT at a restaurant*
Pinkie Pie: *Calls Con on his watch*
Con: Excuse me waiter, where's the restroom?
Waiter: In a hallway painted green, first door to your left.
Con: Thank you. *Goes to bathroom*
Pinkie Pie: 0007? Are anda there?
Con: Yeah, but would anda mind lowering your voice? I'm inside the bathroom of a restaurant.
Pinkie Pie: M.I.3 has an assignment for you. Come over right away.
Con: Yes ma'am. *Looks at toilet, and lowers toilet seat. He then stands on the toilet*
Toilet: Password.
Con: Petunia.
Toilet: Access granted.

It was a teleporter to C.I.E headquarters. Con arrived in S's lab within a few seconds.

S: 0007, I see anda have tried out one of my newest inventions.
Con: Yeah. I remember anda telling me to try it out a couple of days ago, and I decided now would be the perfect opportunity.
S: anda better get to P's office. She wants to brief anda on your selanjutnya assignment.
Con: I was on my way there just now. *Walks to office*
Pinkie Pie: *Sees Con enter her office* Guten tag.
Con: Hello.
Pinkie Pie: So, your files here say that anda tried getting China to help Equestria take down ISIS.
Con: That's right.
Pinkie Pie: I got a call from M.I.3, and they say they would like anda to help them.
Con: Okay. Sure. I'll go to their HQ, and help them out right away.

2 B continued