The selanjutnya morning, I left a note for Mom saying that I had to go to school extra early to work on a project, which was basically true.

Leo: You're not going to regret this. The way I see it, the whole point of Operation R.A.F.E is to break rules.
Rafe: Alright. *looks at wall* Before, I just saw a brick wall. Now, I see a giant canvas. *Grabs marker*
Leo: *Grabs flashlight*
Rafe: *grabs sketches*
Leo: anda don't need those anymore. Just get drawing.
Rafe: *Draws on wall*

It was slow moving at first, but eventually, everything started moving pretty quickly.

Leo: That's it, keep up the good work.
Rafe: *Drawing sword*
Leo: Make that bigger.
Rafe: *makes sword bigger*
Leo: Draw some lebih on the left.
Rafe: *Draws lebih stuff on the left*
Leo: Try drawing Miller.
Rafe: *drawing Miller*
Leo: A little bigger.
Rafe: *makes drawing a little bigger*
Leo: Not bad.

The whole thing started to get so big that I felt like I was inside the drawing.

I lost track of time too. oleh the time I finished, the sun was up, and my arm was very tired. No matter, I wasn't going to let that stop me.

Police: *Arrive*
Rafe: *Finishes*
Leo: Uh, Rafe?
Police: *Step out of car* Holy smokes. Did anda really draw all of that?
Rafe: Yeah?
Police: Get in.
Rafe: *Gets in car*
Leo: *gets in car*

Have anda noticed something? Just me, and Leo in the police car? Well, way back at the beginning of this fanfic, I was in there with Leo, and Georgia. We're going to continue from there now.

Hours before that, the cops brought me back to my house. Now, what do anda suppose Carl did when the police brought me back home?

1. He bribed the cops to go away, and forget everything.
2. He took me out for a delicious breakfast.
3. He went ballistic, and started chasing me around the house.

Answer: Let's just say it's a good thing I'm quick on my hooves.

I was in my room after what happened.

Leo: You've got to focus on the positives. That was a major masterpiece anda just pulled off. Nopony will forget that.
Rafe: Yeah, except Mr. Dwight, and Mrs. Stricker. They'll probably kick me out of the school.
Mom: *arrives* I went to the school, and I told Mr. Dwight you'll paint over that mural this weekend. It's a shame really. Anywhere else, and I would've been impressed.
Rafe: Are they going to kick me out?
Mom: I don't know. We have a conference at school first thing tomorrow morning. Until then, you're staying right here.
Rafe: Mom, I'm sorry.
Mom: I know anda are Rafe.

2 B continued