One of the worst parts of the school tahun is between Halloween, and Thanksgiving. natal Break is so far away, and the end of the tahun is nowhere in sight. When anda leave in the morning, it's dark. When anda get home, it's practically dark. Dark, dark, dark. That's how my life felt right now.

When I had my detentions with Donatello

Rafe: *Enters room* Oh. Just you, and me again.
Ms. Donatello: Yes. I just wanted to talk, that's all.
Rafe: (I'm dead.)

When I started selling Zoom again

Ponies: *look like zombies* zoooooooooom
Zombie: BRAAAAAINS- no wait, I mean.. zooooooooom!

When I wanted to get my book back from Milller

During lunch

Miller: *Goes to Rafe* How many pages do anda want today?
Rafe: Three.
Miller: anda better have the money with you.

Two hours later

Rafe: *Gives Miller money*
Miller: Seems in order. Here *gives Rafe three pages*

I was still trying not to get into any trouble, but it just made Leo unhappy. I felt very bad about myself too. As far as everypony else seemed to notice, I turned over a new leaf.

On Monday, before Thanksgiving

Jeanne: *Goes to Rafe* Don't think I haven't noticed.
Rafe: Noticed what?
Jeanne: You've been playing oleh the rules.
Rafe: I'm on a break. I'm just being normal for a while.
Jeanne: Yeah. That's what I noticed. So let me ask anda something. What are anda going to do on Wednesday?
Rafe: Nothing.
Jeanne: That was quick. Are anda sure?
Rafe: Yep.
Jeanne: Well, good. Student Council is doing a fund raiser at the Duper Market. We're sponsoring a family that can't afford their own thanksgiving. There's going to be pie, cookies, and a food drive too. We could really use some extra help.
Rafe: Oh. Well um, yeah. Ok. Sounds like a good cause.
Jeanne: Great! Three thirty on Wednesday. And if your parents can make something for the bake sale, that would be awesome.
Rafe: Sure. I'll get my mom to make a pie.
Jeanne: Thanks Rafe. I really appreciate it. *leans closer to Rafe* I like anda like this. And don't worry, your secret is aman, brankas with me. *kisses Rafe*

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, she kissed me! I'll never forget that!

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