Snow Flake sighed. Silver Tune took a deep breath and smiled.

ST: Lets.. Just forget what just happened.
SF: Are anda sure? Don't anda want to talk about it?
ST: No, it's.. It's okay. Don't worry.
CC: Are anda sure?
ST: Yep.
CC: Very well then.
SF: Silver Tune, do anda have a tanggal for the prom?
ST: Uhh.. No.
CC: But the prom is in three days!
ST: Do anda guys already have dates?
CC: I do. I'm going with Cinnamon Twist.
SF: I'm going with Lightning Speed.

Coffee Crème and Snow Flake giggled. Silver Tune lowered her head and blushed. The brown mare gasped and stopped laughing.

CC: Silver Tune, we weren't laughing at you, we were ju-
ST: No, it's okay.
CC: But we-
ST: Really, it's okay.
SF: *stops laughing* Well, anda need a date.
ST: *laughs* Yeah, like if that's ever going to happen.

Snow Flake rolled her eyes. Coffee Crème sat selanjutnya to Silver Tune and sighed. Silver Tune tilted her head.

ST: What?
CC: anda have to stay positive.
ST: *closes eyes* Okay.. I'll try.
SF: Good. Now, lets see... Big Macintosh?
ST: For what?
SF: Ugh, as your tanggal for the prom!
ST: Oh. No. He's going with Fluttershy.
SF: Oh yeah, I forgot. Hmmm...

CC: Soarin?
SF: He's going with Spitfire.
ST: I thought he was going with pelangi Dash.
CC: Player..
SF: *laughs* Okay, Uhh.. Braeburn?
CC: He's going with Little Strongheart.
SF: Caramel!
CC: He's going with Applejack.
SF: Oh yeah..

Silence filled across the room.

CC: hey Silver Tune?
ST: Yeah?
CC: Do anda have a crush on somepony?
ST: Uhh.. Why?
SF: Do you?!
ST: Why?!
CC: Just answer the question!
SF: Do you?!
ST: Okay, yes, yes, I do!
CC: Then ask that pony to go with you!
ST: Hahahaha, no.
SF: Why?!
ST: He'll laugh at me!
CC: No he won't. Do it!
ST: No.
SF: Do it.
ST: No!
CC: Do it! Do it!
SF: Do it! Do it!
CC: Do it! Do it!

Silver Tune's right eye started to twitch. She groaned as she glared at Coffee Crème and Snow Flake. Her cheeks turned red.


Coffee Crème gave a hoof-bump to Snow Flake. They noticed Silver Tune was worried. Snow Flake rolled her eyes.

SF: Don't worry Silver Tune, whoever that stallion is-
ST: Strong Charger.
CC: *spits tea* What?!?! Strong Charger?! But he's like so popul-
SF: *slaps CC's back*
CC: Ow! What?! Oh... Sorry.
ST: It's okay.
SF: Im pretty sure he'd cinta to go with anda to the prom.
ST: anda really think so?
SF: Of course I do! Coffee Crème does too.
ST: *smiles* Thanks guys.
SF: No problem.

CC: *looks at clock* It's getting late.
SF: *yawns* Yeah.. I'm ready to hit the hay.
ST: So I will ask him tomorrow?
CC: Well duh. Of course!
ST: *nods* Okay.
CC: anda two can start unpacking your things. I'm going to take a shower.

Coffee Crème smiled and walked inside another room. Silver Tune took off her beanie hat and placed it inside her bag. Snow Flake yawned while brushing her mane.